Friday, February 5, 2010

I Was That Girl.....

I know what you're thinking..."You're what girl ?!?"..... 

Let me start at the beginning.....Each week I have to attend a meeting at work, one of the things that we review are safety incidents at our facilities. One of the incidents was that someone fell out of their chair. "They were leaning forward and fell out of their chair......" So, I'm thinking how in the heck do you just fall out of your chair? I mean, it sounded as if this person just randomly fell over. Almost comical in a way if you can imagine it...not comical that someone could've gotten hurt, but, well anyway, again, how does one just fall out of their chair???

So, anyway, on occasion I have to sit at the front desk at my work. Situated front and center, I'm the first friendly face that visitiors and employees see. Anyway, I'm sitting there when I spot one of my fave magazines on the floor under the desk. A Southern Living mag, oh how I just love it! Everything is so shabby chic and cottage like, lots of colors, and flowers and fabulous food, and, well, I digress...*sigh*

So, I'm leaning over in the chair to pick up that wonderful Southern Living mag, and yep, you guessed it. I just fell out of my chair. It was so random, no real rhyme or reason. And it was so sudden, so quick, the chair just dumped me out and I was on the floor before i knew it, totally stunned. Lol. So then, I'm prairie-doggin', peeking over the desk making sure no one saw me. It's a miracle, but to my delight no one saw, no one saw!!...So, I was that girl that just randomly fell out of her chair, no rhyme or reason....Just gravity, perhaps? Or was it karma, ya think?    :)

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