Monday, April 15, 2013

I Am Sooooo Rude! and Bead Soup Blog Party

Forgive me! I haven't even introduced my partner for the Bead Soup Blog Party that's going down tomorrow that went down this weekend.

Her name is Annette Rivers. You can learn all about her here and here. Owls are her thing so she quite appropriately calls herself "Mamaowl". I love it!

This is what I sent her:

Pssst: I stole this (above) pic from her blog!

This is what she sent me:

I know that lots of you came to my blog this weekend expecting to find my finished piece for Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party. Instead, you got crickets....or probably the flower tower post, am I right? I feel like I let everyone down. It is a little disappointing to come to someone's blog and they haven't posted their reveal yet.

You know that drama that Lori is so kind and patient and understanding about? Well, it visited me this weekend.

Friday morning, getting ready for work, I pull the celing fan cord to turn on the light. Instead of light, I get a loud Pop! noise. Great, I figure that the ceiling fan has gone bust.

I go to work that Friday, with every intention of finishing up my piece that evening and getting my post ready. When I get home, I noticed that I can't get on the internet. Basically, long story short, whatever happened that morning to the ceiling fan, also took out the overhead light in the adjoining room (my craft room/office/guest bedroom), and also some of the plug outlets in those rooms don't work. Since the router/computer was connected to one of the outlets that doesn't work I don't have internet at home. (I'm posting from work. shhhh!!!!).  To recap, no overhead light in two of the bedrooms, and four of the plug outlets in those two rooms don't work. Maybe I can move my router to one of the plugs that does work and at least get the internet going? All those plugs and connections are kinda scary, lol.

I hope to finish my piece and get everything together for this Saturday's third reveal. Honestly, this whole thing has me a little tramautized and crazy. I hate dealing with stuff like this and especially hate having to fork over who knows how much money this could cost. That could be beads and pretties, man!!!

Fingers crossed for me please!

Below is a list of all the 2nd reveal participants. Go check 'em out!

Anitra Gordy Boyers

Barbara Bechtel
Barbara Mason
Bobbie Rafferty

Cheryl Foiles
Chris Eisenberg

Clare Etheridge
Dorota Żerańska

Elaine Robitaille

Ine Vande Cappelle
Jelveh Jaferian Johnson 
Jennifer VanBenschoten
Jenny Davies-Reazor 

Jill MacKay
Juli Cannon

Kate Richbourg

Katie Nielsen-Nunez

Lori Anderson

Mary Ellen Parker
Maryse Fritzsch-Thillens

Sherri Stokey
Stephanie Haussler

Susan of Libellula Jewelry
Suzanne Fragiacomo
Tanya Goodwin

Veralynne Malone

Monday, April 8, 2013

A Flower Tower and Flower Box

I think it's finally starting to warm up here in NC. I caught the spring fever this weekend, and so did everyone else, from the looks of how busy Home Depot was!

I bought some plants and actually did a project that I saw on the internet. Usually I'm bad to get all gung ho on a project, run out and buy the supplies, and then do it halfway, or not at all. Lol.

But not this time! I made a flower tower. I'm hoping that the flowers will grow out be be all flowy and cascading down the tower. Don't mind the water marks on the pots, I took this pic after I watered it, so those marks will dry. I used petunias, verbena, and sweet potato vine. Fingers crossed that the verbena and sweet potato vine don't die on me since they were not on the list of plants that would be good for this type of project. I used them because I had them left over from another project that I did.

Speaking of other projects, I also made this flower box. I've always wanted a window box but never really quite understood how they stayed up. Lol. I'm hoping that this one gets all big and crazy. I can't wait for it to grow out. I'm always a little confused on spacing because it's hard to gauge just how big the flowers will get. My box is kinda leaning because the handle didn't quite fit snug against the railing. Actually I think it looks like it's leaning in the pic more than it actually is. Fingers crossed that it survives! I love it!

Has spring come to your neck of the woods?