Thursday, February 18, 2010

Paper Things i ♥Luv♥...Found on Etsy!

Wow! Paper has really come a long way. Don't you agree??   There are so many colorful options and things you can do with paper. I know that sounds kinda random, but I found all these wonderful items on Etsy that are made using paper in some form. I mean, you can decoupage it, sew it, laser cut it, use resin with many possibilities! ♥


First Row: Rose Rapture Jewelry Chest…NandJDesigns, Letterpress Recipe Cards and Box…1canoe2
Second Row: Quirky Blossoms Coasters…ReeCreates, Get Noticed Clothespin Clips…adorebynat
Third Row: Dog and Cat Gift Tags…CatnipStudioToo, Sea Dachshund Notebook…AfricanGrey
Fourth Row: Build Your Own Triceratops…kfarrell, Woven Thank You Card…kisskissiluvthis
Fifth Row: Blue Morpho Butterfly Necklace…ForTheCrossJewelry, Guitar Pendant…lilyflysgarden

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