Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010 Resolutions

So, 2009 has come and gone. I hope everyone's holiday rocked! This is the time 'o year that we reflect on the past and make resolutions to improve the future. Like the other 99% of people, each year I make resolutions but NEVER stick with them. So, here I'm laying them out publicly so that you can help me stick with 'em. :)  Here are mine for 2010.

1.  Get Fit! Ugh, every year this one makes the top of the list-to lose weight and be more healthy. Well, I'm on my way because Santa brought me a Wii for Christmas and my boyfriend bought me the Wii fit. Now, if only I could someone to come over and cook healthy for me....

2.  Get organized! I once heard that a cluttered home is the sign of a cluttered mind. And you know what, this is soooo true, at least in my case. So, baby steps here 'cuz I've got a lot 'o organizing to do: my craft room is a mess which often overflows to the rest of the house. My plan is to get the craft room organized and then the rest of the house should follow.....i hope. :) 

Hmm...this might be a lost cause 'cuz I'm not sure that my mind will ever not be cluttered! :)

3.  Maximize my Etsy shop. There is so much room for improvement here: take better pics-oooh, oooh, I'm going to make a light box. List items daily. I have a bad habit of making super cute things but then they sit in my craft room forever b/c I hate to take pics b/c I can never get that good shot. Seeing a pattern here? :)  Check out some of the utilities available to sellers on Etsy. I just came across some cool things in the Etsy seller handbook and Storque that look pretty cool.  I did just make a new banner and avatar for the shop that I think are super cute and more reflective of me and my shop's "personality".

4. Finish what I start..and I don't mean I'm gonna fight anybody, lol..I'm notorious for getting an idea for a project, going out and buying what I need to make it happen, and then bam, boom, I just run outta steam. Nope, not any more, gonna finish what I start!

5.  Be Happy! Live, laugh, and love. More time with friends and family, travel, at least one beach trip...oooh, AND I think I've found out about a super cool vintage supply warehouse in NYC. I'd love to take a trip up to check things out there but that would be a mini-vacation since I live in NC!

What are yours?

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