Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Winners for the Getting it Together Giveaway

Ok, so clearly I did not get it together enough to draw winners on Thursday like I told ya I would.

At first I was going to use random.org since I've seen other fancy bloggers do it, but when I got to the site and there was just too many words and links. I decided it would be much quicker if I draw winners the old school way, ya know, cut out the comments, put them in a used ziploc baggie that held my breakfast crackers, and pick out five names.

So, yep, that's what I did. Oh, and I took everyone's name that left me a comment up until I finally picked winners, which is today, obviously.

So, without further ado, here are the winners...Drumroll please.  Speaking of drumroll, I watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation last night on ABCFamily. Only one of my most favorite Christmas movies, like, ever....You know when Clark is about to flip the switch to display the lights and everyone is standing out in the yard and Eileen makes that drumroll sound with her tongue? So that's what I'm hearing in my head right now...

And the winners are:

1. Beetique
2.  Here Bead Dragons
3.  Sherri Stokey
4.  Katie
5.  Tealwater

Ya'll send me your addresses to my email: LeeLuCreations@yahoo.com.
Also, I have lots of stuff, so if you want to tell me a little about you I might be able to tailor a package for you.  For example, I have lots of cat stickers, pink baby girl stickers, etc. I mean, if you tell me your friends call you the crazy cat lady, you are getting some cat stickers.

Everyone else, don't be sad! I have lots more stuff that I will be giving away...soon.

Monday, November 26, 2012

It's a Getting it Together Giveaway!

I've been so busy that I haven't had time to stay on top of my blog reading. I hope all my friends out there are doing well. I'll catch up soon!

I seem to have bitten off a little more than I can chew this year.

I signed myself up for four holiday swaps. Yes, four. Yikes!  I'm having a cookie party on Saturday. I am still cleaning and decorating. I can't have a Christmas cookie party with no Christmas decorations up! Lol. And I'm constantly distracted by Words with Friends! Yes, I love that game.  

So, I am doing some serious decluttering since my mother-in-law and sister-in-laws are coming over to my house for the first time for the cookie party. I can't have them thinking crazy thoughts about my house keeping skills. Actually I lack the house keeping gene but can't have them knowing that, lol.

I'm so messy and just love stuff! I always see a reason to keep stuff. I think to myself "I can really use this when I get a bigger house or when I do blah, blah, blah I'll need this." That way of thinking is really holding me back. I've heard that a cluttered house leads to a cluttered mind or something like that. Well, it's true!! My mind is always occupied with "I've gotta clean this or I can't do this because stuff is in the way." My house is in a constant state of disarray, so much so that I have to embark on a major cleaning frenzy before I can even invite people over.

No more, nope, I'm getting it together.

I think that this will help me not only in my personal life (my husband can't stand all my clutter!) but also professionally. Right now, there are things I want to make but don't feel like getting out the sewing machine because it's a huge undertaking to drag it out of the closet. I feel like there is so much clutter in my craft room that it is blocking my creativity. In my defense, it is a guest bedroom/office/craft room, lol.

So, I've said all this to tell you that I'm have a giveaway, several of them actually. I have so much scrapbooking/crafty items that I'm giving much of my stash away. This is new stuff. Unopened, still in package, new, shiny things. Stickers, paper, embellishments, all kinds of goodies. All you have to do is visit my shop (LeeLu Creations on etsy) and  leave me a comment about which is your fave item. Or just tell me how fabulous of a person I am. Whatever. Just leave me a comment on this post. I will randomly pick at least five winners so hopefully that many people will enter, lol. I will pick the winners Thursday evening so you can enter any time up to Thursday, 11/30/12 before 6 PM Eastern. I hope to ship on Friday if I can get the winners addresses.

Please share!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Project Pearl

Recently I wrote about The 13 Project where I told you about an amazing group called Project Pearl.

Today I want to share more information about that with you.

Why reinvent the wheel? This is from their website:

"Established in October 2011 by co-founders Fowler Ruffin and Melissa Ball, Project Pearl is a non-profit organization in Winston-Salem, NC that works with local photographers to increase awareness of and lower the euthanasia rate of healthy, adoptable animals in Forsyth County.

Working in partnership with Forsyth County Animal Control to help educate our community about responsible pet ownership (which includes licensing and rabies vaccinations) through outreach, social media and other sources, Project Pearl believes community-wide education results in better population control, lower stray intakes and reduced owner surrenders."

How did Project Pearl get started?

"The idea had its beginnings when Ruffin and Ball met an animal shelter dog named Pearl. The adult dog was housetrained and had wonderful manners but also had some minor skin allergies and was missing patches of hair, Ruffin said. 'She patiently waited almost two months for a home.' Realizing Pearl had an unflattering photo posted online, Ball went to the shelter, gave Pearl a bath and got her ready for Ruffin to reshoot her photo. "

"Less than a day after the photos were sent in a mass email to friends, Pearl was adopted to a wonderful home," Ruffin said

Basically, Project Pearl works with the Forsyth County Animal Shelter by taking professional pictures of the animals that are available for adoption. They give them baths, haircuts, trim nails, and then make them super cute. They work with local photographers to take professional pics. They have a Facebook page where they post and promote. This project has increased the animal shelter's adoption rate by 30%.  That is amazing!

I've never met these two ladies but I can't tell you the admiration I have for them. This is such a wonderful project that they have started. I'd love to see it branch out to other animal shelters.

Here are some of the gorgeous animals that are currently available for adoption at Forsyth County Animal Control.  These pics will make you smile. Such sweet faces!! :)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween: Always Have a Plan!

Got this pic from here.

After reading Jill's post, it got me thinking back to the days when I would go trick or treating, many, many, many moons ago. :)

October 31st is just magical for kids. There is an air of excitement the whole day. And I went to school before all this PC crap when kids could have actually have a Halloween party in their classroom. Nowadays, there is so much worry about offending those that don't celebrate Halloween, or kids can't have sugary treats at school because they will get fat. Not that I'm about offending anyone...but I'm not gonna get started down that road. It's Halloween and we are having fun!

Our family didn't really buy Halloween costumes, but would just kinda put together some stuff from the house. For some reason, I'm finding it difficult to remember what I was for Halloween. Perhaps it was so traumatizing that I've blocked it out? Lol. I do remember being a clown, i think because I could pretty much paint my face and wear whatever. In college, I remember being the Chick-fil-A cow and The Great Pumpkin. Man I wish I had pics. My Great Pumpkin outfit was a-w-e-s-o-m-e. That was before everyone was carrying cell phones and all this social media stuff. Man, I am really sounding dated, lol. I'm really not that old...

We would run home from school and couldn't wait for it to get dusk. For dinner Mom would fix whatever she could find in a hurry because she knew we were ready to go.

Finally...dusk. My dad would take me and my sister trick or treating. Mom would stay home and hand out candy to the few trick or treaters that we had.

We always had a plan.
It's kinda amazing to think how many miles we covered in two cities in just a matter of hours, lol. First we would hit the neighbors. Next we would go to the grandparents' houses. Grandma Robertson lived in a neighborhood that gave out good candy so we would most def hit that. Then we would hit my Aunt Pat and Uncle Anthony's house. They lived in a real neighborhood with a cul-de-sac and everything. The cul-de-sac would put on a sort of party. We could hear the spooky music as soon as we turned in the neighborhood. Their neighborhood meant business. When our bags started getting full with candy we would take some of our bounty out. According to my dad, people would feel sorry for us and give us even more candy. It worked! I think my dad enjoyed Halloween just as much as us kids.

Once home, I remember sitting on the living room floor and spreading all my candy out and just staring at it. Then I would sort through it and separate out all the "good candy".
Good candy = chocolate!

Sometimes I really miss being a kid. Sure, now I can buy my own chocolate, but what's the fun in that?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Body Surfing and Fried Butter: Weekend Recap

It's Tuesday so I figured i'd link up with Shawn and Impulsive Addict for Talk To Us Tuesday!

You know that lovely fall weather that we were having here in NC on Friday? Well, Old Man Winter has roared in here somethin' fierce and pushed that fall weather outta here. It's super windy but I think it's a cold front moving in and not Sandy. Luckily where I'm at in NC we are not feeling the effects of Hurricane Sandy. I pray that everyone that is affected stays safe.

Well, I had big plans for the weekend, if you remember from Friday's confession. Did we stick to plan?

We did go to the Lexington BBQ Festival. It was soooo many people. Ugh! It was hard to get into vendor booths, so I didn't really get to see what people were selling. I felt like I had to body surf through the crowd just to get to the booths, lol. I only took a measly four pics because I didn't even feel like whipping out my cam. I didn't want to be that person stopping randomly and disrupting the crowd flow. Never mind trying to get pics! You know who I'm talking about...usually it's a group of people. Surely you know those people. They are everywhere, shopping malls at Christmastime, Walmart, any crowded event. They randomly stop and stand there oblivious to the chaos they have caused to those behind them that are trying to go around them. So, again, I took no pics worth posting.

NOTE: This is not me but a representation of what I almost had to do just to see people's wares! And i think this pic is Lady Gaga which will explain the outfit-or lack of one.

First thing we did when we got to the festival was eat BBQ. It was ok. And we also had a funnel cake. To die for! Literally, to die for, I think it shaved a year off my life with all that fried dough and powdered sugary goodness, but it sure was yummy! And did you know that's the first time I've ever eaten a funnel cake? Usually I like the elephant ear at the fair. Same concept, fried dough but they use cinnamon sugar instead of powdered or something like that.

And speaking of, the place that we got the funnel cake from also sold fried butter. Um, really? Do people really eat that? I mean, don't get me wrong, butter is yummy on mashed potatoes, garlic bread, and grits, but by itself, no way! If anyone out there has ever had fried butter, I want to know. You can remain anonymous if you so wish.

Ok, so curiosity got the best of me and I could not wait for my readers to email me so I googled fried butter. Paula Dean has a recipe for fried butter balls. Really? I love Paula and she is the Queen of Southern Cuisine but I would not have seen coming a recipe for fried butter balls from Paula.

We did get to see Chairman of the Board, who I love!  They are a regional band that does beach and shag music. I think they were a lot bigger back in the day.

On the way back, we stopped at a pumpkin patch at a local church. Of course, the Hubs was like "Why don't we just go to Walmart?" To which I replied, "It's for a good cause. It's for the church." Plus I need happy pills before even entertaining the idea of setting foot into our local Walmart. It is really that insane. So when we got to the pumpkin patch, pumpkins were higher than we I had anticipated so we only ended up getting one. I wanted a really big one but they were asking $35. I just wasn't prepared to drop $100 on some pumpkins. Hopefully I will not get struck with lightning on the way home, lol.

And no, we have not yet carved our pumpkin yet. Maybe tonight?

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Confessions

Mamarazzi is on break, so Aubrey over at High Heeled Love  is the ever gracious host of this party.
Figured I'd link up today. I've got some things to say.
I confess:  I just made a rhyme! :)
I confess: Today is the perfect fall day. There's almost a chill in the air and the leaves have changed and are falling off the trees.
I confess: I'm not sure who has more of a crush on Ian Somerhalder, me or Jill? Dibs!!

I confess: Got and actually implemented a great tip that I got from Stacie over at Park Avenue. Put all your manuals in a binder so that they are in one place and when you need something, as long as you know where your binder is, you are good to go. This is one of those things that when I read it, I thought, "Genius!" So simple you'd think it would be common sense, right? Not for some people (raises hand, lol). Anyhoo, I did this. I went all around the house searching in all the nooks and crannies and drawers looking for my manuals.

Picture this, if you will:

Hubs: "Neet, I'm gonna put the TV manual in the drawer beside the TV.
Me: "Ok."
Hubs: "Are you looking? It's right here."
Me: "Ok."

Six months later....

Hubs: "Neet, where did we put the TV manual? The blah blah blah isn't working right."
Me: "Dunno, you didn't tell me."

Ha ha, so no more of that! Thanks Stacie! Now to just remember where my binder is...

I confess: This weekend is kinda like a fall kickoff. There's that chill in the air that I mentioned above, and we are also going to the Lexington Barbecue Festival in Lexington, NC. It's a festival, so there will be lots to eat (my personal fave), and they also have craft vendors. Usually it's so crowded it's hard to see what people have in their booth, but I think I'm gonna really stop and look at stuff.  They also have bands and entertainment. And the Hubs doesn't know this yet but we will be carving pumpkins, me AND him. It's the perfect time to do so since it's just a few days before Halloween. 

I confess:  Speaking of Halloween, we don't usually get hardly any trick or treaters. It's kind of a bummer. I'll probably still go buy some candy anyway, ya know...just in case. *wink, wink
And it will be the good kind, ahem Stacie :), because I don't want it to go to waste just in case I don't have any trick or treaters.

That's it for now, head on over to High Heeled Love (who doesn't?) and see what everyone else is confessing this week.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Inspired by Random Acts of Kindness

I have been so inspired!

Jessica of The Swell Life and her friends turned a birthday outing into a day where they performed 30 random acts of kindness for perfect strangers. And this was at the birthday girl's request. How awesome is that?

I absolutely love this idea and have already emailed my girls for us to do this.

They made super cute tags and then randomly passed them out, making a fun day of it.

photo cred: here

Here are some of the things they did:
  •  A note of encouragement to a driver's ed instructor (on a student driver car)
  • Coffee shop drive-through, paying for the drink of the person behind us
  • Tape a bag of popcorn and $ to a Redbox rental machine
  • Leave quarters in a soda machine
  •  A note of encouragement on a police car or fire truck (thanks for keeping us safe)!
  • Tape a coffee gift card and a note saying "You're a great mom!" to a baby changing station
  • Tube a surprise note to the drive-through bank teller
  •  Hide sweet treats in the pumpkin patch
  •  Candy bars under windshield wipers at the grocery store (it was a cool day so they did not melt)!
  • Tape an unscratched lottery ticket to the gas station pump
  • A note of gratitude along with $ in the tip jar at our dinner spot
  •  Bring fresh flowers to a nursing home
  •  Bring toys or blankets to a children's hospital
Not sure when my girls and I will get together to do this, but I am going to start working on the tags tonight! :) Will post our day once we have it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

First Friday November Indie Market

If you are local come see me!

My stuff is much more fabu in person and the Indie Market is always a fun time.

And did you notice that I'm a featured vendor on this month's poster?


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Public Service Announcement: Magic Mike Available on DVD TODAY!

Attention ladies! This is a public service announcement. In case you haven't heard, Magic Mike is available today on DVD! Run, run, run ladies to your nearest Target and get your copy.

I told Rob, aka Mr. LeeLu, that he could get it for me for Christmas and you should have seen the look in his face! You would think that I had told him I wanted a pink Hello Kitty cruiser. (I did that too.) His response, "I'm not buying that. They might think it's for me." Umm, doubt that hon, but ok.

This is the perfect movie for a girls night. Have the girls over for some pizza and cheap wine. Or maybe I'll just have Channing, ahem Mike, all to myself. Then I can pause the DVD on all the good shots, lol. Now that's my kind of a party.

I can just hear Matther McCounaghey's Southern drawl now: "The law says you cannot touch...but I think we gotta lot of lawbreakers up in this house tonight!" Yes! Me, me, me!!!!

And if you are still not convinced...

Run, ladies.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Shop Swap!

I just stumbled upon the lovely blog oh, hello friend.

I just love the name. I can hear it in my head. But to me it sounds like you're at the store and see one of your besties that you haven't seen since high school, "oh, hello friend!" Lol. But then again, if it were one of your besties, ya probably would've seen them since high school. Unless you are me. I'm horrible, horrible, horrible at keeping in touch.

But, one thing I am good at is digressing. Which is exactly what I've done here.

I wanted to ya'll tell that if you have a shop, the shop swap is about to go down over at oh, hello friend. So mosey on over there and see what it's all about. It sounds super fun so I signed up! Hurry because it is limited to the first 100 signups or Oct. 31, whichever comes first.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The 13 Project Needs You!

It all started a few months ago on Facebook. I "liked" a local animal shelter's page. I didn't realize it at the time, but they post pics of dogs and cats that are, as they put it, "urgent". It means they are on death row, that their name is coming up next on the euthanization list if they are not adopted or rescued very, very soon. The shelter and volunteers post pics in the hopes that people will help either by sharing the pic on their own fb page, adopt the animal, or pledge money in hopes to attract a rescue group to take the animal. The more pledges an animal has, the more attractive it is to rescue groups. How can I see these urgent posts and just turn a blind eye?

This particular shelter also has an album on their page of the animals whose status is PTS (put to sleep). I would sit and look through the album literally in tears. These animals end up at shelters through no fault of their own. It just breaks my heart to look into their eyes and see how scared they are. I so badly want to help these animals but feel helpless and powerless to do so. This is a viscious cycle where one animal is rescued but ten more are lined up to take it's place at the shelter. So, I can choose to do nothing, or I can choose to do something knowing that I can't help them all, but I can help some.

And this inspiration comes from Serena over at Pretty Fluffy. She has started the 13 Project. "The 13 Project is a Pretty Fluffy initiative that involves 13 acts of kindness towards animals before 2013." Just come up with a list of 13 ways that you can help animals.

Here is my list:

1.  Donate a portion of proceeds from my shop, LeeLu Creations, to an animal charity.
2. Share adoptable animal pics on Facebook.
3.  Make a donation to a rescue group to help save an "urgent" animal.
4.  Donate old towels, blankets, and sheets to the animal shelter.
5.  Donate dog and cat food to the local shelter. I coupon so I snag deals when they are on sale.
6.  Go through Buffy and Chi Chi's toys and donate any gently used items.
7.  Donate a couple of old cell phones I have to ARFP. They are able to recycle them and get money.
8.  There is an amazing group in my area called Project Pearl. They work with the Forsyth County Animal Shelter by taking fun pics of the animals that are available for adoption. They clean them up, make 'em purty (haircut, etc), dress them up (jewelry, hats, bows, so fun!) and take their pics. This has been highly successful. I want to consider finding time to volunteer with them. I'm afraid that I'll fall in love with only every animal!
9.  Repurpose an old dog calendar into gift tags to raise awareness about shelter animals. Donate a portion of the sales.
10.  ARFP is collecting books. Donate books for their annual book sale.
11.  Do the "Daily Click" to donate food and care to homeless dogs and cats over at The Animal Rescue Site.
12.  Continue to spread the word on Facebook about anything animal!
13.  Share and promote The 13 Project!

Now, what's on your list?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dogfest 2012

If you're local, come on out to Dogfest on October 14th! 

I've been super slack this year, on all fronts :), and this is my first vending event of the year.

 I have a special place in my heart for all animals so I think this will be a lot of fun! It breaks my heart that so many people find animals disposable. They are not. They have thoughts. They have feelings. They hurt and feel pain. They know loss. Likewise, they are happy. They love. They want to be part of a family. Just like you and me.

But, on a much lighter note, I'm gonna try to crank out some fun doggie themed jewelry and accessories!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WWTKW...Would You Rather?


For today's We Want to Know Wednesday, Mamarazzi and Crazymama want to know, would you rather...

{one} WYR...Never be able to look in the mirror again or always get dressed in total darkness?

Hmm, I'm gonna say that I'd rather always get dressed in total darkness. Sometimes I get to work and look in the mirror and it looks like I got dressed in the dark anyway. The lighting in my house is horrid. One time I actually wore two different shoes to work!

{two} WYR...Receive $50 a day for the rest of your life or $50,000 right here and now?

My first impulse is to say that I want the $50,000 right now! But, $50 bucks/day averages to $1,400/month which equals 16,800/year. I'm thirty-something-ish, so if I live another 40 years that's $672,000 which is way more than $50,000. I'll take the $50 bucks/day please. :) 
Patience truly is a virtue.

{three} WYR...Have extreme narcolepsy or have a bad case of tourette's?

I like naps so I'm going to go with narcolepsy.

{four} WYR...Be able to rewind 24 hrs 3 times a year or consciously control your dreams?

I've seen too many movies where someone tried to rewind back to the past just to change the future and it usually ended badly. Of course, the names of these movies escape me at the moment but I have seen them! I think I'd like to control my dreams. Why is it that every time I get to the good part of a dream I can't remember it? Or does anyone ever feel like they are falling in a dream? What is up with that??

{five} WYR...Be fluent in every language around the world or be the best in the world in a category of your choosing?

I think that I want to be the best jewelry maker ever! Work from home, make my own schedule, aahhh, the life. Currently I'm an executive assistant so I basically print stuff in color and take it to my boss...all day long. *Sigh...*

Link up over at  Mamarazzi's and go check out what everyone else said!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

BSBP 6: The Reveal

So, today is the 3rd reveal date for Lori Anderson's 6th Bead Soup Blog Party (BSBP). As always, Lori is a superstar! She's so patient and kind, even when all four hundred of us BSBP participants are throwing eight hundred different, yet the same questions at her. :) 

Also, I did something weird-like copy too much code or something when I was copying the link list-and my formatting is a little wacky. I tried to look at the HTML code but it was like Greek and it's 3 am, so let's just go with it. K? UPDATE: After a few hours sleep, I was able to fix my blog! :)

My partner is Becky Pancake over at Becky Pancake Bead Designs.  Becky knows that I love all, well, most things vintage so she dug deep in her stash and sent me a bunch of vintage treasures. How about that awesome handmade clasp that she sent me??
Drum roll, please......
Actually, I just jumped right in and the first piece I made was the pair of earrings. That's backwards from how I normally roll but the bead gods spoke, and I listened.
 I really like the white vintage beads that have a carved design on them. I paired them with clear Czech glass beads and the cutest little bead caps. I actually won the bead caps from Lori quite a while back. :) They are super cute. Between the earrings and necklace I used them all. To make the necklace, I created links using the Czech glass, the carved ivory beads, and the orange beads. The orange beads almost glow. They make me think of tigers eye the way that they glow in the light.
Since I ran out of those super cute bead caps this is just a simple necklace with only a few links. Sometimes simple works better, i think. It is on a long, silver chain that just slips over the head. I couldn't find a silver clasp in my stash that I wanted to use so I just made it a long necklace.
A closer look...

The second necklace I'm showing is my favorite piece. Of the two necklaces, I actually made this one first. When I looked at that floral focal, I kept seeing nature and the outdoors...picture a magical forest, if you will. :)  I set the floral focal in a brass setting and paired it with a dragonfly from Patina Queen and super cute owl from Tree Wings Studio (did I say super duper cute?) and a large filigree piece from Paloma Antigua. I also added a vintage glass jewel thingy that hangs from the dragonfly's tail. After all, I'm sure he's a magical dragonfly since he's in a magical forest. I used some sari silk that I bought forever ago but have been afraid to use. I used the handmade clasp that Becky made and wire wrapped the ends. My wire wrapping needs a little practice but I like the messy look. Again, simple, but I really like how fun and whimsical this piece turned out.

...and a closer look.

I've still got a lot of beads to play with, so while I'm doing that you guys run on over here and check out what Becky made. I've already taken a sneak peek over there and she's got some cool things going on.
When you're done over at Becky's blog, check out what everyone else did!

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