Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Plus-Size Fashion Spotlight

Hey divas! It's getting warm out there and you girls know just how much I love sundresses.
  • So, of course, the main focus is on a super cute sundress from Cato's that is oh-so-affordable! It's so colorful so you can pair it with almost any other color. I love it!! I'm gonna run out to my nearest Cato's pronto! And check out the model's fabulous pink Gladiator sandals! Shut up!
  • I added this hot pink, yes girlfriends, a hot pink sun hat. If you don't have any other accessory with a sun dress, you simply must have a sun hat. If hot pink is not your thing, as if!, you can pick one up in any other color you desire. They are super handy to have around. Perfect for the beach or pool, or any activity that calls for lounging outside.
  • Finally, I added some super cool jewelry from Etsy artists. Be sure to check them out!
1. Maxi dress...Cato's...$44.99
2.  Floppy Hat...Amazon.com...$24.99
3.  Sterling Peace Sign and Leather Necklace...CloudFeatherCrafts...$21.00
4.  Vintage Japanese Glass Ring...LeeLuCreations...$14.95

Thursday, April 1, 2010

More Doxie Things i ♥Luv♥...Found on Etsy!!

More doxie things that I love, yes, more! I couldn't possibly fit all the fun doxie things I found on Etsy into one post. :)

2nd Row: Set of 6 Dachshund Napkin Holders by nakeddecor, Pincushion by rabbitsmoon
3rd Row: Reusable Snack Bags by FigTreeBoutique, Weiner Dogs Tote bag by emandsprout
4th Row: Weiner Love -Original Watercolor painted print by poordogfarm, Doxie Walk by Courtsart
5th Row: Dachshund Magnet set by blennox, Dachshund Bookmark by artpaw