Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Book Review: The Wedding Machine by Beth Webb Hart

Those of you that read my blog on the regular (thank you!) know that I’m in the throes of wedding planning. So, naturally I was drawn to this book when I saw the title, “The Wedding Machine”. My first thought was that it was an odd title for a book, but as I said, these days I’m drawn to anything wedding.

This book was such a departure from my norm fave genre, mystery. This book was all about girl power and lasting friendships, which honestly, these days can be hard to come by. And I love that the story is set in the Southern community of Jasper, SC so I can relate to the setting. I can just see and smell the grand old trees and the pluff mud from my past visits to SC.

The Wedding Machine follows four friends (Ray, Hilda, Kitty B., and Sis) from the time that they became friends as teens to when they are grown and have kids of their own. Dont’cha just love the name Kitty B.? That’s about as Southern as they come, lol.

Here is a description of the book from the back cover:
“Welcome to Jasper, South Carolina. A place where Southern hospitality thrives. Where social occasions are done right. And where, for generations, the four most upstanding ladies of this community ensure that the daughters of Jasper are married in the proper manner.
Friends from school days, “the gals” have long pooled their silver, china, and know-how to pull off beautiful events. They’re a force of nature, a well-oiled machine. But the wedding machine’s gears start to stick during the summer their own daughters line up to tie the knot. In the lowcountry heat and humidity, tempers flare, old secrets leak out…and both love and gardenias bloom in unlikely places.
The Wedding Machine is a celebration of life-long friendship – the kind that endures death and divorce, accidents and alligators, hot flashes and hurricanes. Even the drama of small-town Southern weddings done exactly right.”

Now, back to me. :) I give this book two thumbs up! It was an easy read and would be great by the pool or on the beach. This book will make you laugh out loud, possibly bring a tear to a dry eye, and will make you wanna call up your girlfriends just to hang out. Enjoy!

You can even go here, to read a couple'a pages for yourself.

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  1. Sounds like a great summer read. Isn't it funny how when you are planning a wedding, you just start to notice all things wedding related? At least that is how I was!