Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mood: Accomplished

I feel accomplished today. Which is good because yesterday, I was not feeling so. I did not go to Zumba last night, and then, I totally pigged out on chicken nachos while watching Dancing With the Stars. And that was after I had already eaten chicken tacos for dinner. I discovered that you can buy a huge bag of grilled fajita seasoned chicken strips at Sams for only $7.98. Those little bags of chicken strips at the regular grocery store are at least $3 bucks a pop.

Do you watch Dancing With the Stars? For years I thought that it was the stupidest show on earth, even though I hadn’t seen it, lol. I’m judgmental like that. :) But then one night I just got addicted. I sooo wish that I could dance like Cheryl Burke or Anna Trebunskaya (I’m totally sure I jacked up her name but don’t feel like googling it right now. My bad.) or any of those other dancer chicks. Who is your fave this season? I’m not sure if I have one…I do like Kirstie Allie and Maks. OMG! Did you see last night that they totally wiped out during the live show? I feel bad for her because today that's all people are talking about and in a not nice way. But wait, I'm talking about it here so......let me move on. Kirstie can actually dance. I know that I would not be able to do a jive or cha cha without passing out right there on live tv. And having to learn the dance and then routine in a matter of a few days? And does Ralph Macchio not look the same today as he did however many years ago in the Karate Kid??

I never did tell you why I feel accomplished today…did i? I packed up an order. Yeah, any time I get an order is cause for celebration since they are so few and far between.  Literally, I call my boyfriend, er, fiancĂ©e every time I get one. It’s like now we only need $5,098,578 for the wedding. I packed up a pif for shipment-finally! Only two more to get together. Also, I listed two more items in the shop. I have been so delinquent on listing items. You can see ‘em below. I really like them. For a while I’ve been fighting the asymmetrical look to necklaces but really like how these turned out. What do you think?

This necklace can be found here.

This necklace can be found here.


  1. I love the necklaces!!

    You know, I have never watched DWTS until this season - even though I have already missed one of the 3 episodes... BUT I did see last night and felt sorry for Kirstie (who CAN dance her butt off) b/c I knew what people would be saying today (even though I have not had the TV on and have not heard anything) I love Kendra though -- I just think she is the funniest thing and after reading her autobiography (yeah, I did!) I am for her because I LOVE underdogs so much - and she certainly came from a bad situation- anyhoo - yep Ralph Machio looks like he hasn't aged a bit!

  2. Thanks Angela! :)

    Girl, you did not read Kendra's autobiography, lol! You are so funny. Perhaps I will check it out this summer for a little poolside reading.

  3. I don't watch Dancing with the Stars but I wish I had time to!
    Congrats on picking up the order! It does feel great, doesn't it? Your new necklaces are really pretty - I especially like the second one. It's really me!