Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Say Yes to the Venue?

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately because Mr. LeeLu Creations and I haven’t been able to decide on a wedding venue on our limited budget. Of course I’ve been looking at Style Me Pretty (Insert school girl scream, I love this website!!!!), so I have tons of ideas in my head, many of which are not so budget friendly. I have this vision of my big day, and it’s been hard to find venues that match that vision. Also I feel like I’ve waited for so long, why can’t I have what I want? Yep, spoiled brat bridezilla rearing her ugly head already, but I am a first time bride at 30-something years old and I have been with Mr. LeeLu Creations for 12-ish years, so yes, I want what I want. :)

What exactly do I want? I’m thinking outdoorsy, fun, casual with a shabby chic vibe. That’s all I ask so why is that so hard to find? Of course my friends are full of suggestions: Go to Jamaica! While I love the beach, I don’t want to get married there, perhaps honeymoon there, but not get married. And for me, it’s just not a wedding without family and friends. Besides, mom wouldn’t appreciate that. She’s waited a long time to be able to see one of her girls walk down the aisle. Go to the courthouse! No, I don’t want to go to the justice of the peace. Go to Vegas! Vegas is out. Mr. LeeLu got married there his first go round. And we don’t have a home church and I’m just not feelin’ a random church that we don’t have any affiliation with...For anyone else, any one of these options are fine, but just not my vision.

I’ve heard that “you just know” when you’ve found your venue. Well, I had that funny feeling once before but Mr. LeeLu had to bring me back down out of the clouds more along the lines of our budget. So yep, I’ve been sulking ever since…until today! On my lunch break I went to see a place that just might be it, it’s an old house that has been renovated for use as an events center. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven past this huge yellow house and thought to myself how pretty it is. I just never thought about it for the wedding. I was picturing something a bit more out in the open, by itself, while this house is right off of Main Street in the center of town, but that’s okay. This is the first venue (since the first, first one, lol) that I’ve really been excited about after seeing it. And it’s actually more budget friendly than any of the others that I’ve visited. So, am I saying Yes to the Venue? Not yet, but I am saying maybe…

Pictures are found here.

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