Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cirque Du Soleil's Alegria

This past weekend Mr. LeeLu and I had a date night. We got ourselves all gussied up for dinner and a show. Well, I guess that’s backwards, technically we did a show and then dinner. We went to see Cirque Du Soleil’s Alegria, no-not Allegra silly, at the Greensboro Coliseum. Then we had a fabulous dinner at the local Lone Star. We like this Lone Star because no matter the day or time, we never have to wait.

While the show was fantastic, our neighbors were not. See, I’m the kinda gal that if I pay to see a movie or a show, I’m there for the show, not to hear someone near me talking all night. Yep, I’m just funny like that, call me crazy. So, we get there early and of course our row is already packed. We were shoulder to shoulder. We were in seats 3 & 4; the entire row was full except for seats 1 & 2. The show started and I thought we were gonna luck out, that seats 1 & 2 weren’t gonna show! I decided I’d wait a bit before moving over to claim this new territory.

To my dismay, a couple minutes into the show I hear all this commotion behind me as our neighboring seat holders are making their grand entrance. Rats! These people were clearly intoxicated and had been partaking in the drank a little too much on this day. Not only did I hear ‘em coming, I could smell ‘em too. And you know how when some people get drunk they think that they are a comedian? Yep, that was this guy. And at first people would laugh, but this only fueled him on. I was thinking to myself, “Do not encourage!!!” We finally got some comic relief when this guy announced to all that he had to relieve himself. Good to know. When he gets back, I hear his girlfriend say that she was gonna be sick. Oh, the horror I felt since I’m sitting right beside of this girl! I was just praying that she would lean the other way.

Thank goodness the intermission finally came and we were able to move. In our new seats we practically had a whole section to ourselves. I highly recommend this show if it comes to a city near you, but make sure you stay away from the drunk people.


  1. Sounds like a fun evening in spite of the drunk guests at the show!

  2. ANYTHING from cirque du soleil is good. I've seen their show here in orlando three times, and two of their shows in vegas. love it baby!