Thursday, October 25, 2012

Inspired by Random Acts of Kindness

I have been so inspired!

Jessica of The Swell Life and her friends turned a birthday outing into a day where they performed 30 random acts of kindness for perfect strangers. And this was at the birthday girl's request. How awesome is that?

I absolutely love this idea and have already emailed my girls for us to do this.

They made super cute tags and then randomly passed them out, making a fun day of it.

photo cred: here

Here are some of the things they did:
  •  A note of encouragement to a driver's ed instructor (on a student driver car)
  • Coffee shop drive-through, paying for the drink of the person behind us
  • Tape a bag of popcorn and $ to a Redbox rental machine
  • Leave quarters in a soda machine
  •  A note of encouragement on a police car or fire truck (thanks for keeping us safe)!
  • Tape a coffee gift card and a note saying "You're a great mom!" to a baby changing station
  • Tube a surprise note to the drive-through bank teller
  •  Hide sweet treats in the pumpkin patch
  •  Candy bars under windshield wipers at the grocery store (it was a cool day so they did not melt)!
  • Tape an unscratched lottery ticket to the gas station pump
  • A note of gratitude along with $ in the tip jar at our dinner spot
  •  Bring fresh flowers to a nursing home
  •  Bring toys or blankets to a children's hospital
Not sure when my girls and I will get together to do this, but I am going to start working on the tags tonight! :) Will post our day once we have it.

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