Saturday, June 25, 2011

What's Your Problem?

Ya know, I just love it out here in blogland. But have you ever noticed that everyone is so dang on nice? Everything is always hunky dory and puppy dog tails and butterflies and rainbows and all that other fluffy stuff.

Even when we "bitch" in a post we tend to downplay how we feel. I do it too. I find myself thinking, "Should I blog about this?" "Will I offend anyone?" And I know that lots of us blog as part of a business (shameless plug, check out my store here!) so we do have to consider how what we put on our blog might affect the business. I get it.

But today, I want to know, what's bugging you?

Here's my list. Warning: these are totally random.

1. Do people still have to pass a driving test to get a license? Ya coulda fooled me! As I get older I find myself getting more anal retentive and bad drivers really, really, really bug me. I don't get why people can't use turn signals, don't stop at stop signs or red lights, and feel the need to cut me off and then give me the one finger wave. I kinda get the whole road rage thing, sometimes I too just want to stop in the middle of the road and talk ugly to bad drivers.

2. I don't get the (not so now) new Wendy's fries. The ones with the sea salt and au natural or whatever they are marketing them as. To me they taste like cardboard. I really wish Wendy's would stop pretending that everyone likes them better and just go back to the old ones. Why mess up a good thing? Well Wendy's, that's exactly what you did in my opinion.

3.  It really bugs me when people say they'll call and they don't. No, sillyhead, I'm not talking about a boy. I hate it when I do shows or whatever and someone will tell me how fabulous my stuff is and say that they will get in touch with me about an opportunity, but they never do...

4. The radio stations around here have really latched on to the new (again, not so new by now) Adele song, Rolling in the Deep. Me, not feeling it at all. Love Adele, just not that tune. Of course it's rolling 'round deep in my head right about now!

How about you? What's bugging you? Don't hold back. Now's your chance...Bitch session is er, in session!


  1. Totally feel you! My Mom is making me crazy and I would blog about it but she reads my blog!

  2. I love your list! Did you read mine yesterday? And oh MAN if I posted the email rant I sent to my husband (not about HIM, but about the baby sitter) -- hair would have been on end. I feel like I was baby sitting the baby sitter.

    And what is UP with the danged cat yarking on my bead table?????