Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Adventures in Extreme Couponing...Today's Haul this point either ya love it, or ya hate it. Am I right folks? There's been so much talk about it as of late all over the blogosphere and TLC's Extreme Couponing show only feeds my couponing need. :) I've been trying to convert my friends and family, but they just don't have the desire. They don't get it. In turn, I don't get that they don't want to save money?!

Anyhoo, speaking of the coupon craze, Harris Teeter is running Super Doubles this week. Other than triple coupons, this is like holy mecca for us couponing crazies. Let me share with you what I got for exactly $12.99 (tax included) at Harris Teeter today. (Pardon the crumbs on the stove, lol.) I got some great items to send to the Hip2Help tour that will benefit the flooding/tornado victims that I posted about here.

List of items I got using coupons:

Kraft salad dressing (I like to use these as a chicken marinade!)     2/.99
Pedigree can dog food      2/.60
Muellers spaghetti     FREE!
Gillette Body Wash     .29
Pampers Wipes     FREE!
Knorr Rice Mix     2/.24
Tidy Cat Litter 7 lbs.     2/.55
Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Kit     FREE!
HT Grits (not shown)      1.67 (no coupon)
HT Croutons      FREE!
House of Autry     1.49
Milos dog treats     .45
Fusion Razor   .99 (Normal price for this is around $12!!!)
Tom's Soap     FREE!
Zest 3 bar soap    .49
Colgate travel size toothpaste     2/FREE!
Crest ME toothpaste     FREE!
Always pantiliners      FREE!
Oral-B Crossaction toothbrush    .99
Playtex Teethers    1.77
Tide travel size    FREE!
Herbal Essence Gel    FREE!
Pert Plus Travel Size    FREE!
Hot Pockets Pretzel Pockets    FREE!

Which camp are you in? Do you love it or hate it?

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