Thursday, June 16, 2011

Giveaway from Pretty Things

Hey ya'll! I just came across the most awesome giveaway! Lori over at Pretty Things is at it again. She went to the Bead and Button Show and is giving away half of her stash to 9, yes, 9!! lucky winners. I don't know how she does it because I would be keeping all that fabulousness to myself if it were me. :) Ok, may-be I would share but it would be super hard to decide what to part with!

So, head on over here AND also here to win yourself some of those fab-u-lous beads 'n things! There's also a super silly video of Lori and her friend at the show that you can check out. Isn't it just something about beads that brings out the silliness in a girl? :)  I'm sure that you non-beaders out there can so not relate, so, I want you to do this exercise for me. Think of your  most favorite thing/hobby/activity in the whole wide it? Now, think of the rush and excitement that it gives you when you're doing it, thinking about it, whatever! Now, are ya'll with me? That is how I feel about beads and all things jewelry making related.

Anyhoo, I posted a couple of my favorite mixes below. I really, really, really LUV (did I say really, really?!) those vinyl flowers from Beadin' Path. By themselves, you might think, "eh", but watch the video to see the necklace that the girl from Beadin' Path has on. Fab-u-lous!

Below pics courtesy of Lori's website.


  1. Oooooo, LOVE beads, have ever since I was about 7! Off to check it out. and I saw below you're a planner.... wanna plan my parents 50th?? :) When is your wedding?

  2. Hi Chinamommy!!!

    Hmmm....let me about a destination anniversary party?! Kinda like a destination wedding...ya know? It's a vacation AND a par-tay!

    Wedding is tentatively scheduled for May 19, 2012...I'm second guessing the venue that i kinda signed up for, lol. I need to blog on that.... :)

  3. I squealed when I saw this giveaway on Lori's blog. So much pretty stuff!