Thursday, June 3, 2010

Handmade Triad Team

How exciting! My local Etsy team {Handmade Triad} made the local paper, the Greensboro News and Record. These are a few of the girls in my local Etsy team doing an interview and telling about all the cool stuff we do. Go team, go team, go, go, go team!

You can read the entire interview, here. Thanks Mandy, Chris, and Traci for doing our team proud. You three girls are tres photogenic! :>)

This is actually a great introduction to something else I've been meaning to publish for soooo long. Our local team {Handmade Triad} has it's own website. First off, Handmade Triad is a team of local crafters and even retro cool vintage sellers in the central region of North Carolina. We are an active team that meets once a month and puts on the First Friday Indie Market and other local events. Anyhoo, our website has a directory listing each member and also showcases a few items from our Etsy stores. And will even link you to individual members stores so you can take a closer look at all of their handmade fabulousness or vintage goodness. Talk about service!  This website is a great tool if you are in the area and want to buy local. Even if you're not in the area, stop by the site and see our products. You can find our Handmade Triad website, here. And one of our members even did our logo. We are a super crafty team so be sure to check us out. How can you not?!

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