Monday, June 14, 2010

First Friday Indie Market-June Pics

So here are some pics from the June Indie Market. These are only a few on the fabulous vendors that were at the market. There was so much handmade goodness going on at the market that I couldn't get everyone because I was trying to not stray too far from my booth, lol. Hopefully next time I can make full rounds. But check out all the fabulousness that I did get!

This is our Indie Market banner featuring our one-eyed monster mascot...And he can knit. How cool is that?

My space...I need ideas. Help!

More of my space...see that cute owl necklace? I just love it!
Donna of Donna's Delights. Handmade soap and smell good items...

Justiann of Witch Hazel Handmades and Mandy of Purple Hook shooting the breeze 'till customers show up.
Traci (TBS Creations) strikin' a pose for the cam. Work it girl!

Fun times at The Gnome Shack. Be the envy of all your friends-get your pic taken as a giant gnome. Who could resist...Not many, i tell ya.

More Gnome Shack goodness...This is Simone. Gnome maker extraordinaire. She makes these little guys all from scratch. And she makes enamel jewelry too.

Chris from Ikow Designs peddlin' her wares. And doing an awesome job of it!

And one 'o the highlights of my evening was meeting this little gal. Sasquatch is her name (seriously, lol), but she goes by Sassy for short. : )

What a sassy girl! Here Sassy is modeling with her Barney and pink flower hair bow. Traci 'aint got nothing on you girlfriend (see above pic). Don't you just love it?!!

More happenings at The Gnome Shack..even the wee ones love a super cute gnome!
Oh, and our entertainment guy in the background...Who doesn't love a good serenade?

Mandy of Purple Hook. There sure was a whole lot 'o posing going on at this market! : ) She makes baby blankets, bags, scarves, hats, and all kinds of crocheted goodness.

Mandy also makes these super cute crocheted butterflies. Love 'em! Just think of the possibilities...embellishments for bags and hair accessories, magnets....what can you think of? So much cuddly goodness at one market!

Felted soap from from LuLu Lathers. Don't you just love the name? :>) Great soap to put to work in the shower or super pretty just to sit around and smell good. I'm also digging the aqua tiger print tablecloth. For real!

Meet the super talented Rahman. He draws the most unbelievable carciatures. He's from Baghdad and has come to live in the United States, right here in Greensboro. Read his incredible story here.
Here is a pic Rahman did of himself. Such talent!

I just love this pic of Costanza Diaz (If I got this wrong, do tell me!) and friend. Make sure you enlarge the pic and notice her eyes...I love it! : )  She had the most fabulous, fun hair accessories. Check them out!


  1. Looks like a great time! I think the gnome shack's gnome cut out is ingenious! What a great way to have people approach your stand as well as get some marketing in there with the website right there on the gnome! How was the turn out?

  2. I know! EVERYONE loves the gnome. And i was right beside of it so my booth caught the overflow from folks trying to get their pic taken with him, lol. :)

    I don't think the turn out was as strong as previous markets, but that might be b/c school was out for summer. We have soooo many colleges in Greensboro which is a big part of our customer base.

  3. Score! You had some prime real-estate there. That's unfortunate that the turn out was a bit weak, but it makes sense that the colleges would be the main pool of customers and as in every college town you have to deal with the slow summer months.