Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shopping in Savannah

Yet another installment of my Savannah vacation. :)

There were all kinds of sweet treats to be had. Yes, that is a Hello Kitty candy apple!

More yummy goodness. We indulged in one of the sweets below. Warning: They are REALLY sweet!

Those candy apples are gi-nor-mous!

 When I saw this I had to take a pic through the window...a chicken purse...who knew?

And my personal favorite...The Nut-Bush...(I'm leavin' that one alone!)

And then...MOTHERLOAD! Rob and I were walking along and I saw this antique store. Rob told me to go on in, that he would wait for me. He doesn't care much for antique stores and old stuff, so I decided to hurry through.
But then, in the back of the store, was this booth with the motherload of fab-u-lous jewelry! I wish I would've bought some but I didn't. I mean, I assumed it was vintage because it was in an antique shop but the prices seemed too good to be true. But now I'm kickin' myself because there was some really great stuff in that booth-vintage or not! And of course I have no idea what the name of the store is! That whole booth was awesome! I was trying to snap pics but not be conspicuous about it, lol.


  1. i hate when i don't get something and them think about it forever! these lavender/taupe chairs at TJ Maxx last year, and in 2004 when i was in China there was a mama doll with a baby on her back in the traditional Chinese way and an Alice in Wonderland tray at TJ Maxx in 1994 that i still dream of!! hahaha, boy that sounds weird!....

  2. You must have some amazing willpower, no way I could have left without snagging some of that amazing jewelry!