Thursday, September 22, 2011

The A-Z's of Me!

Got this from another blogger and thought it would be a quick and fun post since I'm still working through all the blogs from the BSBP! Here are some fun facts about moi.

A. Age:
35 (Yikes!) I'm ancient.

B. Bed size:
Queen, but I’m holding out to upgrade to a King!!!! Why does a King bed seem so much bigger?

C. Chore that you hate:
All of them, seriously, I need a maid. I'm not lazy, I'd just rather be doing other things.

D. Dogs:
I have two Chihuahua/terrier/???? mixes that I adopted from the animal shelter. Millions of animals are euthanized each year in this country alone! Adopt from the shelter instead of breeders and spay/neuter your pets.

E. Essential start to your day:
Pee then a hot shower. My bad, is that TMI?

F. Favorite color:
Depends….I wear a lot of blue, but also love bold colors such as red! The couch in my living room is red, and my bathroom is red. I loved the bathroom at first but now hate it because it’s so dark in there from the wall color. It’s an interior room so there’s no window.

G. Gold or Silver:
Silver or even better, antique brass!

H. Height:
5'5” I’m a shorty!

I. Instruments you play:
Used to play the recorder….In school I was in chorus instead of band so they made us play the recorder, lol.

J. Job title:
Executive Assistant (I know I’m lucky to be employed, but it’s just not my dream.)

K. Kids:
No human kids, but I have fur babies. Buffy and ChiChi, the Chihuahuas; Lizzie, one crazy kitty, and FatBoy, a huge stray cat that has adopted me and my front porch.

L. Live:
Greensboro, NC

M. Mother’s name:
Lucy, very classic.

N. Nicknames:
Neets, NeetNeet

O. Overnight hospital stays:
I have been fortunate, so none.

P. Pet peeves:
Oh where to begin…stupid drivers, screaming kids-i don't mean to offend ya'll with kids, but I don't want to hear your little darlin's screamin' at the top 'o their lungs when i'm trying to enjoy my dinner or shopping experience, my neighbors that park behind my car in the fire lane making it almost impossible to get out of my parking space-sometimes I just want to ram into their car…I’ll spare ya the rest, because I could go on…and on…and on… :)

Q. Quote from a movie:
I don’t usually remember quotes and such….but some of my fave movies are: Clueless, Bridesmaids (I have never laughed so hard at a movie!), Without A Paddle, Usually anything with Sandra Bullock or SJP. Girl power!

R. Right or left handed:
Right handed.

S. Siblings:
One younger sister

U. Underwear:
Um, what is it you want to know here?

V. Vegetable you hate:
Isn’t hate such a strong word? I seriously dislike the avocado.

W. What makes you run late:
Not getting out of bed on time and my dogs don’t want to “go” when I take them outside

X. X-Rays you’ve had:
My cousin slammed the car door on my middle finger and cracked it, so, I had x-rays done then.

Y. Yummy food that you make:
Crustless pumpkin pie, oatmeal raisin cookies, pumpkin bread, hashbrown casserole, Betty Crocker cheesey potatoes, broccoli casserole

Z. Zoo animal:
Elephants and giraffes. I think they are beautiful. Horses too. Have you ever really looked into their eyes? Oh the stories I bet they would have to tell!


  1. Did you notice that T was skipped? I didn't until I posted, lol

  2. LOL! I just did this same post! I was feeling to blah to think up a post and grabbed it from my blog friend, Erika... I will have to go see if mine has a "T"