Saturday, February 19, 2011

No Love

Do you ever make something, whatever your creative something is, and you can’t wait to get it online because it’s so fabulous and you just know it’s going to sell immediately? Not that all my items aren’t fabulous, mind you, but every so often I create a piece of jewelry that I love so so much and think it is just going to jump off the shelves, figuratively speaking, of course….because I don’t really have shelves…because it’s an online store….And that would be funny if jewelry really could jump off shelves...Why do I remind myself of Sandra Bullock in All About Steve right about now {insert laugh, snort, laugh, snort}…I could keep going…really, I could…. :)

…I digress…Or even vintage sellers, you find that great vintage item, in perfect condition, just a little dirty but it cleaned up so nicely and you can’t wait to list it for all to see, and you finally get it listed online, and then, nothing, nada, no views, no interest…{insert cricket noises here, please}…

Do you have any items like this hanging out around your store?

A few of mine are below. All can be found at my store on Etsy.

1 comment:

  1. Actually, yes. It's the story of my life and the reason I stopped selling. :(