Friday, February 4, 2011

Meet My Friend...Shabee Stitches

Woohoo!! TGIF baby. I can't wait for 5:30 to get here today. This is one week that I am ready to just get over with.

Anyhoo, have you met my friend Jennifer over at Shabee Stitches?  I met her when she ordered some button covers from my destash shop, One Thrifty Diva, be sure to check it out if you're in the neighborhood :). Turns out, she is also from North Carolina, over the river and through the woods in the tres lovely city of Asheville. Really, the buzz is that Asheville is THE spot for all things fabulous. I've been trying to get up there for a weekend but life seems to get in the way. What's up with that?!

Again...anyhoo...I'm so easily distracted, lol. Jennifer makes unique wedding accessories such as ring pillows and garter sets. Ooh la la in the boudoir! But seriously, ahem, she can design anything for any style. Her items are very unique and different from the those that I've seen...And you know I've been shopping around because I also have a wedding to plan for! And I just love that her items are keepsakes that can be handed down through the family.

So, which item is your fave? Ooh, ooh, I just love the boho hippie chick ring pillow in down in the corner. It's so colorful and bright. The butterflies are sooo adorable. What a great accessory to add a little fun to a wedding. Sometimes they can be so serious! I mean, it's only a little thing called a lifetime committment, what's the big deal? :)


  1. Great shop!! I like the boho one too! Very unique! We went to Asheville on our Honeymoon years ago and LOVED it! I want to go again some day!

  2. I wished I had found Etsy when I married 8 years ago!