Monday, February 21, 2011

DIY Ring Bearer Pilllow

I'm a Broke Ass Bride that's all about DIY (do-it-yourself). But this project is more like Sandra Lee's Semi-Homemade.  Back before I was even engaged, we were talking about it, but hadn't made it official, I scored at Big Lots a Martha Stewart, I know! Martha Stewart, shut up!, i digress, I scored a Martha Stewart flower girl basket/ring bearer pillow set for $2. Yes, can you believe Martha Stewart anything for $2?!

I liked the set but it was a little safe for me so I gussied up the ring bearer pillow.

I started with this: the ring bearer pillow with tan ribbon, a purple doily, a vintage bauble (formerly a vintage earring).

I removed the ribbon that was already on the pillow. It easily pulled right off.
Then I folded the doily around the pillow. Making sure the doily is centered, stitch the center of the doily to the top of the pillow. If your stitches are messy, that's ok, the bauble will cover the stitches.
Next, i stitched the four sides of the doily to the underside of the pillow.
I thought I was done sewing at this point, but then I noticed that where the sides came together on the bottom, they kinda stuck out a little, so I also stitched them together, but this step could be optional.
I used the ribbon for the rings that was already on the pillow. Glue it to the center of the top of the pillow, making sure it is centered. You don't want one side way longer than another or it won't look right.
Center and glue the bauble to the top of the pillow over the ribbon.
Let dry.

And I ended up with this: Ta da!

So, I made this ring bearer pillow for $2!

Martha Stewart Ring bearer pillow: $1 (set was $2 so I'm counting this as half)
Purple doily from Michael's: $1
Purple vintage bauble and ribbon: No cost, the bauble was already in my stash and the ribbon came on the original pillow
Total cost: $2



  1. SHUT UP!!! that is awesome!!!! hey, totally thought of you this weekend when i bought "where women create" mag... one lady had her studio all dolled up with those paper lanterns!! SO CUTE!!! Maybe we should do a lantern drive for you?? Want to? :) I'll help!

  2. I LOVE it!! The fact that it was cheap - even better!! Great job - your wedding is going to be fantastic!!

  3. this pendant is really cool, and I love the springy colors. have fun hopping...