Friday, August 27, 2010

Beach Vacation....Part 3 (Ft. Macon)

More from my vacation...Rob and I went exploring at Ft. Macon, a short drive north of Emerald Isle. It's an old Army fort built in 1826, located right on the beach and you can actually roam around it. They have recreated some of the scenes that you might've seen if you were to visit while the fort was active. Take your very own tour here. It was raining during our visit so some of the pics are a little wet!

I just love this pic. So candid. I think you can really see the brotherhood among these guys.

Confederate Money

Why do these mannequins weird me out a bit?

Thank goodness for Maytag! We sure have come a long way.....I so would not have lasted back in the day, lol.

On top of the fort. Those steps are super steep!

This cannon faces the ocean to fire at aproaching enemies.

To fire at enemies on the ground level....See the gray smudges? Is that from the rain or something spooky?.....

This was on someone's car as we were leaving...I so want one of these antenna toppers! Where do I find them?


  1. We visited an old fort in Florida years ago. Your photos remind me so much of that one. Do you suppose that smudge might be one of the fort ghosts? I'll bet those folks with that antenna thingy might have gone to Disney World. I think I saw some like that one time. I'll bet you could google for it and find someone who sells them. Or maybe try ebay.

  2. I like to think the smudges are fort ghosts! Much more fun that just rain. :)