Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beach Vacation....Part 2

While I was in Beaufort earlier in the week (I made a scouting trip by myself to check things out before Rob arrived), I went to an old cemetary known as the The Old Burying Ground.  You can take your own virtual tour here! This is one of the oldest cemetaries in North Carolina.

I was the only person around so it was a little creepy, even though it was high noon. There are huge shade trees and all kinds of foliage to provide cover for whatever may be lurking about {wink}. They say that the azaleas are so pretty in the spring, but being that it was August, they were not in bloom. And then there is this plant, called a Resurrection Fern. I read that the cemetary is the only place in town where this type of fern grows. That's a little crazy....your mind could go lots of ways with that...Anyway, during a few days with no rain, the Resurrection Fern looks shriveled up and dead, but then it rains and is sunny, and it turns green and branches out, and is alive, muahahahaha. :) You'd never even know it was the same plant! Find a pic of it all branched out here (scroll through all the pics).

 Anyway, I'm strolling through the cemetary, snapping pics. Like most folks of this century I have a digital camera. When too much time passes between shots, the screen goes black. Normally I push a button to get the screen to come back on. But, when I get to this grave...

...the screen won't come on. My camera totally froze up and would not work! So, I slowly turned to look over my shoulder...just to make sure nothing was creepin' up on me...and it wasn't. Not that I could see anyway. I was able to turn the camera off and turn it back on and get it to work. But how crazy is that?!? So, what do you think...creepy coincidence or something supernatural? Click here to see other accounts of creepy happenings in Beaufort!

Not sure why people leave pennies on this grave...

This is the grave of the little girl buried in a rum barrel. She persuaded her mother to let her go to England with her father. He promised his wife that he would bring her back. He did....only in a rum barrel. Right before the trip home, she got sick and died aboard ship. People sometimes leave gifts for her spirit.

You can really see how old these graves are...

I believe this is on the graves of some of those that served in the military. There were several of these throughout the cemetary.

Awesome wrought-iron fence. Such detail.

 Stay tuned for more of my beach vacation!


  1. This is going on my "places I want to see" list. How interesting! Old cemetaries fascinate me.

  2. Me too! The whole area in general has so much history. I'd love to go back and do the ghost walk tour. It's a walking tour of haunted places in the city. Rob wouldn't do the tour because he said-and I quote-"I'm not bringing anything creepy home with me!". :)