Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beach Vacation....Part 1

I just got back from vacation-a whole glorious week at the beach in Emerald Isle, NC. It was my first time visiting this beach so there was lots to explore. Alas, I didn't take as many pics as I wanted to. On the very first day I got super sunburned on my face and shoulders and was a little bit miserable for a few days. I mean, I was under a beach umbrella and sportin' a hat but still managed to burn, baby burn! It was so hot that everytime I went outside I felt as if I were melting.

At the end of the week my always {wink} wonderful boyfriend came down to spend the rest of the week with me {translation=rescue me from my family} which meant I had someone to go exploring with. It's just not the same by yourself! We ventured out and ate in Morehead City at a seafood restaurant called The Sanitary Fish Market & Restaurant. Gotta admit, a weird name that I still don't get, but the food was wonderful. And you know it's good when it's been around since 1938! And seafood is my absolute favorite....yummy! I ordered my usual fare: popcorn shrimp, scallops, deviled crab and baked potato. But Rob ordered a stuffed potato which was a fabulous concoction of shrimp, crab, cheese and spices stuffed into a baked potato. It was one of the most fabulous creations to ever part my two lips! I highly recommend it when visiting. Oh, and the squash casserole was super fabulous also. :)

Shrimp & Crab Stuffed Potato at The Sanitary Restaurant in Beaufort, NC
Squash Casserole (on the left)

After lunch, we hit a few of the shops on the waterfront in Morehead City and then continued on to Beaufort, NC, located about 30 minutes from Emerald Isle. If you don't know Beaufort, it's a quaint little seaside town. It's the third oldest town in North Carolina. As you come over the bridge from the mainland, the first thing you see are shrimp boats a la Forrest Gump style. The houses are small and beautifully maintained. There are large, old trees. I just love it here! Such a romantic, yet mysterious little town with old school charm.

A map of the area.

And on the waterfront in Beaufort are more little knick-knacky shops and restaurants. One of the cool shops we went in was Art And Soul . They carry totally handmade goods. I got an awesome owl wristlet! {Pic coming soon!}

And here is Rob staring into a shop thinking, "Another one, really?!"

Check out these ships made using aluminum cans. Talk about repurposing!

The waterfront...Isn't it gorgeous?

At least there was a breeze....

And we also went to the NC Maritime Museum. Check out this huge anchor! Oh yeah, and there's Rob {again} thinkin' he's super cool, lol. He just wouldn't stay out of my shots!

And here is me also posing with the anchor. You can see where my chin is super fried!

Stay tuned for part 2 of my vacation...Coming Soon!


  1. Bless your heart! That was one nasty sunburn. Loved the tour and can't wait to see what comes next.

  2. love it! also love rob being all "look, it's hunky me" ... that sunburn does NOT look like much fun. but i am glad rob got to come and that you had a good time! back to the grind now girl!!

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