Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We Have a Winner!

I did this old school since only three people entered. Not sure how to take that?! 
I'm giving away good stuff!...

 Anyway, I wrote all three of yall's name down on piece(s) of paper and put them in my flower pot. As I was shaking them up, one of the papers hopped out on it's own so that's the one I used.

Emilee come on down girlfriend! 

You are the winner. 

She did have like five entries, so, ya know. :)

Email me your address within 24 hours please.

If you didn't win and are bummed, don't be! I'm giving more stuff away soon.
A big thanks to everyone for entering and playing along.


  1. I'm super excited! Thanks for the fun giveaway. I'll send you my address on etsy.