Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Did i Leave My Motivation with You?

Wow, has it really been a whole month since I’ve been here?? This month has been a whirlwind and I’m not even sure why. I’m in a bit of a funk, but that happens every now and then. Maybe it’s the winter weather coming on…I haven’t made hardly anything as far as the shop goes, and this is the time ‘o year to be workin’ my little fingers to the bone! Do you think that has me motivated? Nope…I have all these ideas in my head but when it comes to executing them, nothing. I go so far as to buy supplies but by the time I get home the thrill is gone.

I even bought hats for chinamommy’s hat drive but haven’t mailed them yet. I promise, they are coming.

Is procrastination an illness? My mom says I’m one of those people that starts things but doesn't finish them. She’s right. I tend to make decisions but after an excruciating amount of time making said decision, I second guess it. Do you ever want something so bad, but then you get it, and it’s not as exciting as you thought it would be? I’m not normal, am I? Lol.

I don't mean to be Debbie Downer so thanks for listening. :)

On an exciting front, this weekend I met up with my sweetie in Myrtle Beach, SC for a weekend rendezvous. Yeah, baby! He lives four hours away from me so it was exciting to see him. After hours of scouring the internet for somewhere to stay while at the beach, I still can't tell you where to stay, but I can certainly tell you where NOT to stay! Click here. Can you say roach motel? No, really, we saw them…in our room…that’s a little too close for comfort for me. I mean, you go places, you know that they might be there, but you don’t wanna see them. Am I right?

On Saturday, we did a little shopping at Bath & Body Works. Sure, I coulda done that at home but it wouldn’t have been with my sweetie. :) They have some really fun stuff for fall and the holidays-and their fall items are on sale now-even betta!

I got this stuff:

A smell good thing for my car. Isn't he super cute? He clips onto the sunvisor and smells fabu! It does take a little getting used to because this thing is super smelly-in a good way though.
And then I got this white owl ceramic oil warmer to make my house smell equally as fab-u-lous!

After shopping we hit the outdoor jacuzzi/hot tub. Honestly, I don't know the difference. The one-and only- awesome thing about our hotel was the pool area. It had a swim up bar, which I'm sure is pretty awesome in the summer. The jacuzzi/hot tub was outside overlooking the beach. It was nice and super relaxing. I even stayed in for 45 minutes, which is three times the time (can you say that three times fast?)  that I was supposed to stay in. I tend to like things that are bad for me. :)

On Saturday night we went to the House of Blues to see Colbie Caillet. This is the second time we've seen her and both times she sounded awesome. She just seems so down to earth and fun-just like her music. 

After the concert we partied like it was 1999 at club 2001. Ha ha, how fun is that sentence? It was so much fun dancing the night away. I haven't been out like that in oh, um, only forever!

How was your weekend?


  1. You know, I was just like that for most of my life! Then, one day I decided I was tired of starting things and never finishing them. Now, I finish everything I start. It may take me a while to get to it but I will not let myself start new projects until I have completed one I have started.

  2. Maybe that's what I need, a good, stern talkin' to with myself to set some rules, lol. But I've never been good with "policing" my own self and I'm such a rule breaker. :)