Wednesday, November 9, 2011

5 Celebs That I Wish Were My Friends and Why

This is such a random post but I thought it would be fun. Here are 5 celebrities that I wish were my friends and why. : ) Enjoy!
 Sandra Bullock-Love her sense of humor. She went for the bad boy and got burned. It’s been many moons ago but I can relate. Haven’t we all at one time or another? This is the girl that will be there for you when you’re drunk dialing guys or balling your eyes out and will be there in the trenches with you when you’re knee deep in something silly that you are old enough to know that you shouldn’t be doing. Like the time I purposely ran over a mean boy’s books with my car, my bff Kristi had my back. Can remember it just like yesterday. Lookin’ back, I shouldn’t have done it, but I did, so there.

 Paula Deen-She’s like the cigarette smoking, potty mouthed, Jack Daniels drinking, throw down in the kitchen grandma you never had-or maybe you did?…(I totally made up the part about JD). But seriously, I read Paula’s autobiography and she rocks! Don't you just want to give her a big bear hug? It's a guarantee that when you stop by Paula's house after church on Sunday that something scrump-del-i-ish-ous is gonna be cooking in the kitchen.

Ian Somerhalder-Have you seen him??? This is one hotty, bad boy vamp. Love his sarcastic, yet witty sense of humor on screen and off. But sadly, bets are on that this friendship would be the kind where he’s my boy friend. Ya know, he’s a boy and he’s my friend but not my “boyfriend”. Kinda like my bff secret crush from third grade (Robert Tabor, are you one of my 67 followers???) that I was madly in love with even though he permed the back of his hair, kinda like a permed mullet but for third graders, and when we grew up he asked my sister out. *Sigh.* I’m digressing. I follow stalk Ian on Twitter…he just gets it. I appreciate that he has both beauty and brains.

 Lady Gaga-I’d love to be her bff just to be able to know what is going on in this girlfriend’s head! And to stop her from wearing that meat dress to the MTV music awards. I mean, seriously, this girlfriend needs a bff that will tell her straight up that some of those outfits she steps out in just don't make sense. Ah, but we all have our faults, right? Besides, Gaga's got some pretty cool tunes.

Ellen DeGeneres-Ellen is so fun. I love her upbeat, positive attitude. We’d be a perfect balance for each other because I’m a see the glass half empty type of girl. Ellen is the type of friend that would be cool just to hang out with and chill on a Saturday night. You know, not really doing anything, just hanging out, but it'd still be a fun time because she's so crazy (in a good way!).

Who would be your celeb friends?

Or better yet, who ARE your celeb friends? Do you have any?



  1. Totally agree on Paula Deen. She would be great to have around when you need a feel-sorry-for yourself-comfort-food-day!

  2. hahaha, i love that you ran over that boys books! i'm sure he deserved it :) i once drove through a puddle and splashed a kid... i don't remember why. geesh, that was kinda mean!