Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Snow Go Away!

Much of the country has had their share of winter weather in the last few days, maybe even weeks. After days of weather forecasters teasing that we would have "significigant snowfall" it finally snowed a mere 2 inches-at most-here yesterday.  Alas, this morning I awoke to an icy, yucky mess. I love snow...I do not love ice. And of course I have a job where life as we know it will cease if I don't show up to work. :) 

So, I scraped the icy snow from my car, threw the shovel in the backseat and attempted to drive out of my parking lot. No go. I dropped the Neon down to second gear and hit the road, bad tires and all, with no further problem. Once I got out of my lot and onto the main road, my route wasn't too treacherous. But still, it would've been nice to have one of these to get to work this morning!

How was your commute?


  1. We got a very disappointing light snow fall -boo. I only had to go to the post office and since Aubrey was off work he drove me :)