Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Random Things...Wednesday Edition

Just a few random things from me to you.

1.  Have you had these? Pecan Crowns from Weight Watchers. I'm always on a diet and these were on sale at my local grocery for .89! Normally they are almost $3/bag so I snagged a few. And they are pretty good. Great for a quick chocolate fix.

2.  Have you seen this vintage travel bar from GingersGirl on Etsy? Fan-freakin-tas-tic! You can take the party on the road with you-just promise not to get crazy until you get to your destination. It even comes with a deck of playing cards. It's a party in a box.

3.  I'm secretly a fan of the Jersey Shore. I want to turn away but just can't.
Please don't think less of me.

4.  I'm going to see these guys in concert in July. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Donnie, I still love you!
I don't care so much about the BSB but I am still lovin' my NKOTB!! Aahhhhh! (Insert school girl scream here.)

5.  I'm planning a wedding and have discovered so many resources on the net. I like The Knot, and The Broke Ass Bride (insert my pic here). Do you know of other websites or resources that might be helpful? I really need ideas geared towards a budget because I will only do this once and I'm not trying to spend a couple years salaries on one day.  It amazes me how much people are able to spend on their weddings. I was watching Rich Bride, Poor Bride and this one couple spent over $50,000 on their wedding! Wow!

6.  Speaking of which, you can win this BOA yoga bag or this organic scarf courtesy of  The Broke Ass Bride. It's easy, details here. And if you haven't checked their website out, do so! It's hilarious!! Great for laughs even if you're not planning a wedding.
7.  Did you know that your pooch can also tie the knot? I just found out also! I wonder how that works...
Do you think they write their own vows? Check out some of the furry nuptuals here.
6.  I am so craving this right about now....


  1. Whoa that burger looks good. Who was I kidding trying to be a vegetarian? Thanks for adding my travel bar to your list - isn't it friggin' fabulous? Oh and I LOVE those WW chocolates!! The toffee are my fave! .89 cents is a GREAT deal!! I hardly ever buy them becuase you don't get many in the bag for the price -- (of course you are supposed to not eat that many - therefore the bag lasting longer) Oh and those people who spend so much on a wedding - I think they are just plain silly.

  2. My daughter is planning a wedding, too. I will have to point her to The Broke Ass Bride. Is there a Broke Ass Mother-of-the-Bride site?

  3. I'm a big huge fan of "Bridezillas". Is that as bad as "Jersey Shore"?