Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Plus-Size Fashion Spotlight

Good morning, my fashionista friends! I'm always on the lookout for something fabulous to wear to the office. Remember ladies, just because your outfit is fabulous, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice comfort!

  • Since I tend to be more comfortable in slacks at the office, I started with these pinstriped trousers from Lane Bryant. Aren't they great?
  • I paired them with this print top from Fashion Bug. The right print can actually be more slimming for full figured ladies, according to Clinton and Stacy on What Not to Wear. Love it!
  • A simple, silver butterfly necklace handmade by yours truly, moi! Find it here.
  • This awesome hot pink suede microfiber bag really brings out the pink in the blouse.
  • And finally, perhaps the most important part of any outfit, the shoes! This affordable peep-toe wedge is great for work or play.
1.  Striped trouser Lane Bryant...$49.50
2.  Print Fashion Bug...$19.99
3.  Silver butterfly LeeLuCreations...$18.00
4.  Pink suede microfiber Valeriefogg...$89.00
5.  Peep-toe Fashion Bug...$24.99

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  1. These are really great. I love the trousers.

    Natalie @