Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cool Finds...Vintage Fabric

So, this weekend I checked out this local dive of a fabric store in Walkertown, NC. It's called The Fabric Center located on Old Hollow Road. Locals know it as it's been around forever!!!!!!!! Seriously, some of the fabric in there is older than me, but that's awesome because i found some fabulous vintage fabric finds! And you can't tell from the outside, but the place is ginormous! Take a look..... 

Just wait 'till you get inside!

Outside complete with cammo school bus! To hide all that fabulous vintage goodness!

I hit the fabric motherload!!!!

Vintage orange houndstooth polyester! Quite shag-a-rific baby!

I love both of these fabrics! So retro, would make fabulous curtains!

Fabric of all kinds!

I love it! More retro-fabulousness.

I love it!

Rolls and rolls of trim, binding, whatever you need....

I love this trim. Forgot to get me some so I will be making a trek back. Darnit. :)

I love this dinosaur fabric but whatever would I do with it??

Ooh, vintage lace...

...and more....

...and more vintage lace, my favorite.

So much fabulousness under one roof! And then my camera battery died so you didn't even get to see the button stash! If you're in the area check them out. You'll be glad you did.

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  1. LOVE these fabrics. They are so fun!