Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Had a Boogie

I had a boogie.

True story.

Most of us are able to keep these things under wraps...but here's my story.

I work in an office, and every Tuesday I sit at the front desk for an hour so the receptionist can go on her lunch break.

For some reason, when I first got up there something got me to sneezing!

I blew my nose and that was that.

Of course, it's the front desk, and it's lunch time, so lots of people are coming in and out. And being that it's the front desk and I'm the receptionist for an hour, I gotta talk and be social.

And these are my coworkers...not just random Joe's coming in off the street.

So, of course I'm talking to everyone...

"Blah, blah, blah, ha ha ha. Yeah girl, ha ha blah blah blah!"

Ya know, that kinda thing.

Well, when the receptionist came back from her lunch I went on mine. I get out to the car and look in the mirror, and to my dismay, there it is.

Really?? In the 60 minutes that I sat up there no one could tell me that I had a boogie?!


So, when you see someone with a boogie do you spill the boogie (lol) or do you hush up and go about your business?


  1. If I know someone well, I would definitely tell, even if I just kind of gestured to the nose and nodded at them, a stranger, probably not.

  2. Ha! Oh, poor you! Like Stacie, I would definitely tell someone I know well, but if I don't know them as well... probably not. Even though I would want someone to tell me!!! lol

  3. Giggle! I'm so glad it's not just me these things happen to! And the worst is when you remove that booger and come face to face with someone who should've told you but didn't then you are both embarrassed. Each knowing that the other knows the booger was there and now is gone.

  4. I would have told you! I was in an elevator at work there were 2 men and my friend Mary. Now I'm only 5'2" and one of the men had to be well over 6' and his fly was down, almost at my eye level. I gracefully reached up, put my hand behind his head, pulled him down and whispered in his ear that his fly was down. He immediately zipped up. The other guy laughed, and Mary was dumbfounded. When we got off the elevator, she had to get an expatiation, you see he was from the senior level management team, and she thought I was trying to kiss him. We both laughed.