Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Confessional


I've never been to confessional but figured what do I have to lose? :) 

Linkin' up with Mamarazzi to share my confessions.

i confess...I've eaten Jimmy John's for lunch two days in a row. Not that I like them that much, but they deliver super fast, no questions asked and require only a pittance for the minimum delivery order. I really wish that Zaxby's delivered but that would be seriously dangerous.

i car is in the shop and i feel helpless. I hate dealing with car stuff. It's been doing weird things but I've put off getting it serviced. That pretty much remedied itself when I walked out of work yesterday and the car almost wouldn't start. It did, finally, and I made it home, on pins and needles all the way praying that it wouldn't just stop and leave me stranded. If it did I might just walk away and leave it there. Finders keepers...

i confess...I really want a new car.

i confess...even though I had Jimmy John's for lunch I'm eating Mexican for dinner. 

i confess...being fat and living in the hot South really, really sucks. Especially when the a/c in your car doesn't work. See confession #3 above.

i confess...I watched Inception last night for the first time and fell asleep.

i confess...I secretly hope that Robert Pattinson dumps Kristin Stewart. She obviously doesn't deserve him. Does that sister ever crack a real smile? Not that goofy-i really can't stand your ass-smirk that she does, but a real smile?

i confess...I need a vacation!

Your turn! Confess on...


  1. Nothing stresses me out worse than car trouble!

    And I miss Zaxby's!

  2. hearing that twilight girl's confession made me realize how she got the snow white part. i wonder who she slept with to get the twilight movies...cuz the girl cannot act, that is for sure!

    thanks for linking up, loved your confessions.

  3. I've never seen a confession Friday post but gotta say I TOTALLY LOVED it!! Thanks for some great smiles