Wednesday, July 11, 2012

BSBP: What I Received

                         Here is what I received from my partner, Becky Pancake, for the 6th BSBP.

A sweet note from Becky

A vintage floral cab, brass findings, vintage lucite, aventurine, and other beads

A closer look at some of those beads.

Really like those white ones that have a carved look.

No idea yet what I'm going to do. Ya'll know I work best under pressure. My reveal date is the last date in August so I've got time to think. I'll just put these in the corner of my table and let the beads talk to me at their leisure. :)


  1. What an interesting mix of goodies you received. I look forward to seeing what you design. See you at the reveal!
    Lori D.

  2. Love the colors--can't wait to see what you come up with!

  3. Oh man, I'm REALLY excited to see what you do with your soup! I'm forever a vintage lover so anything vintage excites me :)

    Good luck and happy hopping!

  4. Pretty colours! Looking forward to seeing what you make with your bead soup. Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my BSBP post.