Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Items and a Treasury!

It's been forever since I listed new items in the shop.

I've made some items but just haven't been posting.

...And then I looked around at jewelry in every nook and cranny of the house and realized that a gal can only wear so much, so hopefully I can sell some stuff if I list my new items. :)

Taking pictures good pictures is hard for me. Mine always seem to have a yellowish background. Guess it's the lighting? Such is life when you work full time and the sun has gone down before you get natural light to work with.

While I'm digressing, remember the other day when I told you my sweetie sent me flowers for Valentine's Day? He sent me a bouquet of tulips and they smell absolutely wonderful! I never knew that tulips were so scented. I kept the flowers at work since I spend more time there than at home, it seems.

Here are my new items:

Wire wrapped hot pink jade pendant made with non tarnishing artisan wire on a silver plated chain.

And here is a starfish and wire wrapped chalcedony pendant, also made with non tarnishing artisan wire on a silver plated chain.


And a hot pink treasury that I made! I love me some hot pink. Can you tell? :)

What do you think of my new wire wrapped items?

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  1. Hi Anitra, Kool hot pink boots.I'm partial to pink too, but I prefer a softer shade. I have a suggestion for better pics. If you are beading at night you probably already have an Ott light(natural spectrum light) & I read that it would improve pic & tried it. Sure enough my pics are better if I use my Ott when I don't have natural sunlight.