Friday, February 10, 2012

Housework is Evil

So, basically I feel this way about housework and cleaning in general...

But, since it's almost the weekend, i usually do my cleaning and household chores on Saturday...that is, in between visiting the craft and thrift store, catnapping, and everything else. I'd much rather be doing anything than housework, so whatever else comes up usually trumps cleaning. 

Now, my bff Krusty, that girl is a cleanin' machine. I so wish I was like her in this regard.  She has the kind of house that you can just drop by anytime and it's immaculate. Now me, on the other hand, there is no just dropping by at my house. I have to know in advance....days, sometimes weeks, in advance, lol.

I live alone so I can pretty much get away with not being the neatest person.  Buffy and ChiChi don't mind too much.

But, I feel as if I'm ALWAYS cleaning. Is there a system for us lazy folks that don't like to clean?

Now, I hope that ya'll are not envisioning my house as a pig sty. It's just that after a long day at the office, the first thing on my mind is not that stack of laundry sitting on the dining room table. dining room table looks like this...

...And it drives me crazy! My dining room table always has laundry (and/or craft projects) on it. I don't mind washing it, or even folding it up, but it's that putting away part that doesn't quite happen. Maybe 'cuz my washer/dryer are downstairs and the rooms are upstairs?

How do you tame the housework beast? Suggestions, please!

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  1. First order of the day: PURGE. I don't mean become bulimic, I mean, get rid of anything you don't need/use/really want. I think this is why I can keep my house clean. I rarely buy anything, and if I DO buy something, I seriously think about where I am going to put it. I don't have a big house, and there's only so much room to put stuff. That is a big consideration of mine and something I have tried to drill into Lauren's head, seeing as how her grandma LOVES to shop shop shop. I also try to pick up every day, and do one or two cleaning tasks per day (like Wednesday is clean bathrooms and vacuum day, Saturdays, Sundays are clean the whole house days, and laundry usually 3/4 times per week. I also am fighting an uphill battle against Rob.. Mr. I Will Just Lay This Here And Kristi Will Pick It Up I Am Sure.. so I know I sound like a cleaning nazi and maybe I am, but I just cannot stand the house to be dirty/cluttered. I mean, I cannot go to bed with it looking crazy- I have to put the dishes in the dishwasher, wipe the counters, make sure the pillows are right on the couch and the blankets are folded. I am starting to think I may have OCD of some sort. Not sure. Reading this, I feel sure people will think I am nuts. Well, I gotta go do some laundry.... Have a fun weekend!!! :)