Wednesday, August 3, 2011

NKOTBSB Concert Pics!

Yes, I did go to the NKOTBSB concert when the guys came through Greensboro, NC. Really I went for the NKOTB, not so much the BSB, although I'm surprised at the number of Backstreet Boys songs I did know. Regardless, both groups put on an awesome show. Oh, and Mr. Shuester (Matthew Morrison) from Glee opened up the show for them. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. I gotta get back into Glee, lol.

I still LOVE these guys! It's like I was a little girl all over again at the concert. When the guys came out on the stage, I got that feeling. You know the feeling....right? Butterflies in the stomach because my first crush love is only feet away several rows of hundreds of screaming middle aged women and many big, bulky security guys away....Sigh...My favorite is Donnie, yep, the bad boy. Those bad boys get me every time but that's another post, lol.

My friend, Amber, and I swore that next time we will be front row. I'm maxing out the credit card next time baby! I mean, at least once in my lifetime, I would pay big bucks to be in the front row for these guys. How about you? Who would you max out the credit card to see?

I was sooo upset that my camera battery died two songs in when the guys came on stage. I saw Donnie {insert schoolgirl sigh here} and couldn't help but click, click, click away, lol. Here are some of the pics I did get.

Mr. Shuester rockin' it with one of his backup singers.

Isn't he a cutie petutie?

Opening with all the guys.

Jordan Knight-The ultimate in coolness

Jordan and Jon Knight, Joey McIntyre, and a BSB (Sorry, I don't know your name hun.)

NKOTB rockin' tunes via the circle.

Donnie Wahlberg (swoon!!!) and Joe and some random chicks that I would cut to have their front row seats!!!! I mean, really, that lady in red is not even paying attention to the fabulousness that is right in front of her eyes!

Donnie's got the moves

NKOTB working the circle again

NKOTB fans...Can you guess from the dance moves which song this was??

...And that's all folks. My camera batteries died. :(