Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Couponing for a Cause

You know those Snickers commercials, where the guy is so hungry that he turns into super diva Aretha Franklin? Then he {Aretha} eats a Snickers and he's back to his old self and life is good again?

Well, there are many people in just this country alone that go hungry every day. This video is funny, but think about what happens to the body when you are hungry: lack of focus, no concentration, grouchy, etc. Imagine being a child in school trying to pay attention in class and that child is hungry because he didn't have breakfast or even dinner from the night before. Maybe your only meal for the day is the free lunch you get at school (Have you even seen what they feed kids at school?!). Or think about the elderly, hungry but afraid to eat what last few items are in the pantry because they don't know where their next bites of food will come from.  (Cue the violin music.) 

But seriously, I write all this to urge you to make a donation to your local food bank. Here in NC, the Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC is totally out of food. Below is a pic from their facility.

If you're local (Piedmont Triad, NC) you can make donations at these locations:

Goodwill Stores in Forsyth and Guilford County
BB&T Bank Branches
NewBridge Bank Branches
Lowes Food Stores
Food Lion Stores
Ideal Image

Go here for a list of most needed items from their website. They also need some toiletries which are also listed.

Now, you may be thinking that you really don't have the extra to donate. If you don't, that's fine. But this is where I tell you that if you are not a couponer, you should become one. I know, I know, I'm always trying to convert ya'll. Lol. But you can get so many items for pennies on the dollar, or even free, just by pairing coupons with sales. Here is a great article that I read just today about couponing for a cause.

This week I scored for free:
banana chips
toilet bowl cleaner
Lucky Charms cereal bars (2 boxes)
peanut butter
Gain dishwashing liquid

And for super cheap I got the following:
Concord grape jelly (.27)
4 boxes of name brand cereal ($1.25 each) 
2 boxes of Smart Balance popcorn (.29 for both)
salad dressing ($1.00-I splurged a little, lol)
Nature's Own loaf of bread (.49)
3 pack of Dial soap (.49)
2  4-cup packs of Hunt's Snack pack pudding (.19 for both)
2 boxes of Snackwell fudge cookies (.98 for both)
2 Mccormick taco seasoning mix packets (.25 for both)
2 cans of Chef Boyardee ravioli (1.00 for both)
Aunt Jemima 12-count frozen pancakes (.49)
2 tubs of Country Crock 15 oz. margarine spread (1.00 for both)
2 cartons of eggs (free-i had a coupon that doubled to $1.10 off of two plus an e-vic for free eggs when I bought two margarines. It was also a score that eggs were B1G1 at HT this week.)

Now, I know that you can't just feed your family cookies, grape jelly, and taco seasoning mix for a meal. I know that...but, you can shop smarter and supplement your pantry (or the local food pantry) just by comparing sales and coupons. The key is to use coupons to buy things when they are on sale at rock bottom price, so that you won't have to pay full price when you actually need the item.

If everyone donated just one item to their local food pantry, just think how stocked those shelves would be!


  1. OMGosh, those empty shelves just break my heart! I have tried to become more of a couponer and think donating those items is a GREAT idea!! I noticed on extreme couponers they have really highlighted people who are willing to donate their 918 tubes of toothpaste and 750 bottles of 7-up-what a great thing to do!!
    thanks for pointing this out!

  2. So sad and its not going to get easier for many for a while. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Excellent post!! Although times are tight for alot of us, we all can use a reminder to dig alittle deeper and share with someone who is abit less fortunate.You have inspired me to bring this to the forefront in my blog as well. Those empty shelves at the food bank make a real statement all on their own...Can't we all pay it forward in some small way??

    Thank You