Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Can't Seem to find my Motivation...Did I leave it with you?

I’m in a bit of a funk here lately. I haven’t listed anything new in my shop and I don’t seem to have anything witty to share with you here. And I’m feeling a little bit ‘o pressure to do so because I have all these new followers from the BSBP! :)

Maybe it’s the winter weather…Or that my wedding planning has just kinda stalled out. It was fun at first but now, eh. I think that I’m really the most worried about finding a dress. Isn’t that supposed to be one of the super fun parts? But that is my biggest fear, that I won’t be able to find one to fit me. Those wedding dresses just don’t look the same on us BB (big and beautiful) gals as they do on everyone else. I’ve been searching online for wedding dresses but I’ve found that the “plus-size models” (notice the quotation marks?) are like, a size 12. That’s so not plus-size. And most sites just have some chic that’s a size 4 modeling a size 20 wedding dress. In my opinion, a plus-size model should be representative of us BB gals, big and beautiful with all their lumps, bumps, curves, with a front butt, add on a few back rolls, and a double chin. But seriously, give me something that I can relate to! Make me feel good about spending hundreds of dollars on one dress for one day. Do you know what I could do in Lane Bryant with all that money?

So, on that note…anyone know of a good way to lose weight? What has worked for you? What has motivated you and kept you motivated? I joined Weight Watchers online but so far I’ve done nothing. I haven’t yet mastered the whole self-accountability thing yet. I’m such a procrastinator so in the back of my head I am still deluding myself that I’ve got plenty ‘o time to lose a lot of weight. The date we have tentatively set is April 2012, so I tell myself that I have a year.

I want to lose this weight, not only for the wedding, but to have a better quality of life….And I refuse to pay a professional photographer $2-$3K for wedding pics that I won’t be able to look at because I don’t like the way I look in them.

I want to be able to walk up stairs without being winded, for the first time, like, ever! Now I’m not talking about going and climbing the Empire State Building without being winded, but just a regular flight of stairs.

I want to be able to ride a roller coaster again. Many pounds ago, my man and I went to the fair. I got on some ride that lifted you up and threw you around a bit. Well, I almost died, not from the ride itself, but the darn seatbelt was so damn tight I almost passed out from asphyxiation.

I want to be able to shop off the sale rack or at the thrift store and get some really cute outfits! Although I do find that no matter what size you are, the really cute, great finds are always someone else's size, not yours, lol.

I want to be able to get on a plane without being embarrassed when I have to ask the flight attendant for a seat extender just so I can buckle my seat belt.

I want to lay on the beach on my honeymoon, sipping pina’ coladas, and feel good about it.

I’m tired of being tired.

I just want to be pretty on my wedding day.


  1. Oh, how I feel you. I think you and I live in the same general area. I did a weight loss clinic in Statesville that really worked, but it wasn't exactly cheap and once I stopped their regimen, the lbs. came back. On the wedding dress thing, I got mine at Bridal Mart in Burlington. Just going in and them having all sizes that you could try on without an appointment or pressure made me feel better.

  2. If nothing else, take a walk for pure pleasure. Stroll, breath in and out. (do this between raid drops in GSO and the Triad lately) I promise it will help you feel better mentally. I wrote recently about loosing my "muchness" lately too. It's been a long cold winter, and people aren't buying or shopping. All things to get you down.
    I take a little walk when I feel like this.

    About your wedding dress blues, keep this in mind.
    1. All Brides Are Beautiful! I was a wedding planner for years and no matter the size, brides shine on this special day.

    2. You don't have to wear a traditional style wedding dress either. There are so many gorgeous gowns, and some can even be special ordered in white, off white, pink whatever. So when you start looking don't just hit the bridal shops and if you do look at all the dresses and ask about color.

    Hope this helps. I've shared that funk alot lately too.

  3. I only know what I see of you in your photo, and you're a beautiful woman with a radiant smile. It's a smile that says I like myself, I'm confident, and I'm soon to marry the man I love. How lucky am I? You'll be pretty in whatever you wear because beauty comes from within.

  4. I agree with Lanyardlady :) BUT I do know how it feels to be unhappy in your body. Weight Watchers really does work. Aubrey and I lost a lot of weight when we did it. Only problem, you have to keep doing it :) The only advice I can give you is the old NIKE ad- JUST DO IT!! Find one thing and do it every day without an excuse. Start out by walking 20 minutes a day. Do that for about a month and move up to 30 minutes and so on until you are making yourself walk (or whatever activity you decide on) every day. Start today. That is another one I have had a hard time with. I always want to start "tomorrow" BUT don't let yourself do that. Go do it today!! I promise, you will feel so good about yourself after you do it. When you get to the point that you are moving everyday, it will become like a game that you can't let yourself miss a day. NOW good luck!! Even though you would be a beautiful bride if you got married right now, you want to be a beautiful and confident bride! You have all the power to accomplish that - just remember you are in control and you are not a wimp. You are a strong person!!

  5. Aw, thanks ladies! I really do appreciate the kind words and encouragement. I am definately a "do it tomorrow" kind of gal-and I hate it!- that is one of my biggest challenges. I did do some bowling, boxing, and tennis last night on the Wii so I'm definately headed in the right direction. :)

  6. I have to agree with Lanyard Lady, too! Brides are always beautiful, and your profile picture is gorgeous.

    I also like that you've listed the best (and only to my mind) reasons to lose weight - to improve your quality of life. My husband and I are both working to become more fit/lose weight because there are so many things we want to do, but can't easily in our current conditions.

    This past summer I took a class at the local Y called Women on Weights. It was fabulous. The class participants were all ages and fitness levels. For the first time in my life I feel comfortable in the weight room of a gym. What's interesting is how many reasons I can find not to go, even when I'm standing right outside the gym's door. But if I make it through the door, and into my gym clothes, then I enjoy myself (unbelievable, I know!).

    I use a combination of "Just Do it!" and visualizations of all those things I want to do to help push me through that door. And little improvements make it easier to continue.

  7. How many bridesmaids do you have, including your Maid of Honor? That's how many people you can partner with for your daily exercise AND your weight loss. Who else in your bridal party wants to lose weight before the wedding? Your mom? Your sister? Your honey's sister? Join weight watchers with someone. Go on walks with your fiance. You can ask for those weekly commitments from everyone who knows and loves you because they all want what will make you happy. Accountability is no good without another person to be accountable to. Long romantic walks: your husband to be. Weight Watchers: A family member or friend who wants to lose weight. You can do this! Look how many people you have around you who love you and want you to be happy and feel sexy and beautiful when you get married. Utilize every one of them. Also, I have a great recipe for Black-eyed Peas and Ham that is only 2 WW points for a whole cupful! That leaves enough points leftover for cornbread and butter! Email me for the recipe (if you are interested) at sales@dbyjewelry.com. You are not in this alone. Always remember that.