Monday, December 6, 2010

Decorating for Christmas

On Saturday where I live in North Carolina we got snow. Yes, snow, actual snow! Not sleet, or ice, or freezing rain but snow! Huge white flakes and they were gorgeous. It's very exciting because we don't usually get snow this time of year.

Well, the snow event also coincided with my annual cookie party. Some of the girls come over, we play reindeer games, munch on goodies, play a little dirty santa, and then pack our tins full 'o cookies to snack on for the week. Since my house was clean for the cookie party I took some pics of my decorations to share with you. I just love this time of year, and snowmen are my absolute favorite!

Dining room with Christmas tree. I love a LOT of ornaments on the tree!

Mantel. Complete with everyone's stockings; mine, Buffy & ChiChi's, and Lizzy, the cat.

My snowman centerpiece that I made for less than $7. I LOVE it! Isn't he a cutie? :)

My townhouse isn't very big so that's about it. C-ya next time!


  1. looks so pretty!! I have a red couch too, don't ya love it?

  2. Everything looks fabulous - especially the snowman centerpiece!

  3. Oh looks so cute!! I just read on another NC blog about the snow!! My fingers are crossed for some!

  4. I love that cat stocking. So cute!