Saturday, September 11, 2010

What To Do, What To Do...And Treasuries

Hello! Hope everyone is having a good weekend. I'm still trying to decide what I'm going to do today, whether I'm going to hit the Bush Hill Heritage Festival in Archdale, NC, or whether I'm just gonna hang out around the house today. The festival was selected as a top 20 event for 2010 by the Southeast Tourism Society, but right now I'm kinda leaning towards just hanging out, lol. I have a ton of stuff I need to list for my Etsy shop but, I don't know. Maybe I'll just tune everything else out and hang out on the couch with a good book today. I'm reading one by Jonathan Kellerman called Evidence. It's a couch curler. Don't know what a couch curler is? It's a good book that makes you want to curl up on the couch with it. :)

...And I don't know what is going on with my refrigerator. As I'm sitting in the kitchen typing this it's making funny noises. Sort of a moaning or whining noise...That can't be good right? Or is that just what fridge's do and I never noticed it before? It kinda sounds like there's something in there crying out for help. The last thing I need is a major expense right now-or some supernatural fridge demon. I'm just getting over the traumatization of being told I was going to have to buy a new car. Some old guy hit mine and his insurance company was trying to total my car! At least he had insurance, right? Sad thing is is that my ride is fixable but the value on it is low-repair costs were more than the value of the car and you know insurance-not gonna pay out more than they have to. Well, the insurance guy saw how distressed I was over the thought of having to buy a new ride and was able to work out a deal with the repair center. So, that is good news. In the meantime I have a rental that I have grown attached to. I wish they would just let me keep even  trade once mine is fixed. :) I like to think of it as compensation for my troubles...I doubt they will go for it though. :( I've grown accustomed to air conditioning (mine is broken and the cost of fixing it is super ridiculous), and it's super roomy for all my craft show stuff. *sigh* Note to self: Must not get attached to rental car!

And on the shop front I'm in two treasuries this week! That's pretty awesome since I don't usually make it into a lot of them. I mean, some sellers, seems like every time you go to the Etsy home page, there's another one of their items in someone's treasury...Is that the bitter monster rearing his head this morning? Probably...but I digress....It's just nice to know that some people do enjoy my stuff. :)

Check out this treasury by Allys Antiques. My Pink Lace earrings made it into this one.

And then I'm in this treasury by LorietteGrammy. Another pair of earrings made the cut, my Lemony Goodness earrings...

Now, off to ??? I don't know, still have decided what I'm going to do today...

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