Wednesday, July 28, 2010

To Cut or Not to Cut?

I'm one of those gals that's in a constant struggle with her hair. Do you know one of these people? Are YOU one of these people? I mean, it's so thick and unruly and just does what it wants to do. Seriously!...And do you ever have those moments where you just finish 'doin it at home (ahem, your hair), and all is well. But then you get to work and look in the bathroom mirror and it absolutely does not look the same as when you left home not even an hour ago? I don't know what happens to my hair from the time I leave the house 'till the time I get to work on some days!

...And people say, "Oh, you have such thick hair; you are so lucky!" No! I'm not lucky. Am I lucky that it takes me forever to blowdry every day? Am I lucky that I absolutely must blowdry it before going out; that I can't leave it wet before going out of the house or it dries to look like a gigantic tumbleweed? Am I lucky that some pieces are stick straight while others are kinky curly? At the first hint of rain my hair frizzes up and no amount of product can tame it!

So, I've been trying to let it grow, but the longer it is the more challenges I face. Mine never seems to get past collar length-you know, that annoying length where it gets caught in your collar and feels glued to the back of your neck? You think, it's just hair, whatever....But no, it's much more than that! If we don't like our hair we don't feel good about the way we look. Have you ever gotten a bad haircut and gone home and cried for hours? Especially when you have short hair, there is no room for error! :)

Our hair is a part of our identity. Let's face it, it even plays a part in shaping other people's perceptions of us. So, all this rambling to tell you, that I think I'm gonna cut it short-uh-er. Did you watch American Idol (AI) this past season? I love Lacey's hair from AI! It's fun and flirty, short yet a little bit longer, not boy short. Such a fun little 'do. I think that's what I'm gonna do. And believe it or not, for me, I can do more with shorter hair than I can with longer hair. I'll keep you posted!

I know this is wrong-but I had to do it, lol.

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  1. i just did the major CHOP... it's short, REALLY short...i put the hairdryer away, it takes 7 min to do it, but I wish I could do a pony tail or a messy bun somedays :)
    thanks for following chinamommy!