Thursday, June 28, 2012

Time Flies When You're Getting Married!

Wow! I haven't logged in in a while and Blogger has gone all crazy, funky on me! Bare with me while I'm figuring everything out, like how to make my banner look right...(if you know how to fix it lemme know)...already i'm digressing, lol.

 So much has happened since I was here last.

got married,
went on a cruise,
acquired a stepson,
acquired a neurotic stepdog,
and am trying to adjust to the married life
 while my husband ( i just love the sound of that!) still lives four hours away!

So, there's still a lot going on but I'm once again gonna try to keep up with this blog. My friend Stacie over at Park Avenue asked for some wedding pics so here are some. Also, if you are a fan of LeeLu Creations on Facebook (shameless plug!) I posted some wedding pics there too. I will post more, these are just to get you started with some wedding eye candy.

Our wedding favors.
Homemade blueberry jam.
 My dad grew the blueberries and me and mom made the jam. Got the idea and recipe from this blog.

My and my girls!

Me and the mister. :)

My sister said that we were bringing sexy back in this pic. Who am I to argue?

Love this pic of Rob and my girls!

And for you fashionistas out there...the shoes!

My bouquet. We did all the flowers ourselves and saved a ton of money.

 The beginnings of my wedding quilt...

Love this super sweet message from my little cousin Emily. :)

Of course there are more pics to come and maybe I'll even share a little story about our wedding venue drama...stay tuned!

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  1. Oh, yeah! I love the pics. I am a sucker for anything in a little mason jar, so I am in love with those favors.And I adore your headpiece ( I can't remember the technical name for it!)--so classy and elegant. It looks like all of your planning resulted in a beautiful wedding.