Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Random Things

I've been super busy with craft shows and trying to get my shop ready for the holidays that I haven't written in a while. I thought that a Random Things post would be quick and easy!

1.  I love the fall season here in North Carolina, especially the cool, crisp air and beautiful colors that the leaves change to. From October thru December is my favorite time of year!

2.  My car must have a sign on it that everyone except me can see that says "Hey moron, pull out in front of me!" 'Nuff said.

3.  If I could, I would adopt every dog/cat/other animal at the shelter and provide them a loving home. As Bob Barker would say, "Don't forget to spay or neuter your pet!"

4.  I wish I lived in an old shabby chic cottage, out in the middle of nowhere so I wouldn't be surrounded by not so nice neighbors. And there would be plenty of room for my girls to run and play.

5.  I wish we could eliminate this sense of division that runs rampant throughout our world. I mean, why can't we all just play nice and be friends?

6.  And on a lighter note, or maybe not, lol, I ate Zaxby's for lunch and it was sooooo good!

7.  And as I am typing this right now, we are under a torndado watch! The weather has been crazy here these past few days.

And these are truly random things!

1 comment:

  1. My car has that sign on it too!! I have been thinking more and more about living in a Shabby Chic cottage myself lately.